Give Me a C!!

Finally the fog of funk has lifted! It went away yesterday while on my 105 minute run, which resulted in 12.84 Miles.

12.84 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:45:02, 8:11 Pace)

I can’t say yet that I’m used to time based running. I’m trying to give it a fair shake. If anything I feel the quality in my new training program is a bit light. However after this week of funk, my mood wasn’t in it anyways.

We finally got some rain here and it cooled the temps off big time. It was breezy and just under 60 degrees when I headed out. Absolutely gorgeous and I immediately noticed how nice it was to not be running in thick humid air. I love how running in the fall feels and now it seems it is right around the corner.

After a re-energizing run I quickly got ready for the second part of my birthday from Rob. Cubs game! Our first ever!! We found parking easily, but were just a bit late. Top of the 1st and Mets were already up by 3. No matter, it would be a great time regardless.

Once we were there I got my other wish, a Cubs hat with a pink “C”. I’ve been wanting one forever and refused to buy it outside of Wrigley. I wanted to get it while at a game. 🙂

I got to have a ballpark dog and was quite tipsy after two Bud Lights.

So being new to the Cubs game live in person, it cracked us up that the home runs by the Mets were thrown back from the crowd, too funny!

And in usual “Chicago people are awesome” form, the guy behind us secretly got the rows around us to sing me Happy Birthday at the last inning. 😀 How cool is that?!

Thanks to some amazing plays by Soriano and DeWitt the Cubs pulled out a W!

Then upon leaving Wrigley a guy commented on how many photos I was taking and I explain my nerdy behavior is because it’s my first game and my birthday present. He gives me a quick hug and says he is a professional singer and sings me Happy Birthday in Italian right there in front of everyone. Man Chicago is so cool! There is just something about that city that makes everyone be so cool with each other. Love it!!

Then we were off to Spacca Napoli, recommended from our friends Brooke and Craig. The food was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! This is what pizza is people! It was seriously yummy and all other “pizza” will need to find a new name.

First, an Italian beer that is harder to find in the States.

The pizzas: Prosciutto de Rucola – Provola, Prosciutto di Parma, Arugula, Parmesan and House Special Pizza (forgot the name) – Ricotta, Gouda, Tomatoes, Mushroom, Truffle Oil

It was a perfect day!!!! I’m officially addicted to Cubs games and want to go back as much as possible! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Give Me a C!!

  1. Glad you loved your bday present and that you are feeling more like your cheerful self with the running. I trained by time for one marathon cycle and it really felt like a good break in the monotony (spelling, sorry). 🙂 Rock on, dear!


    1. Yeah I’m feeling much better! I started this new training late for this marathon so I may not get the full benefits this go around so I will continue to try it and see how it feels post-marathon.


  2. “it cracked us up that the home runs by the Mets were thrown back from the crowd, too funny!”

    hehehe I love it too!! definitely sounds like something I’d see at Yankee Stadium too (though more likely it’ll be the Red Sox whose home run balls would be refused.) Glad you enjoyed your first Cubs game-I’m guessing there will be more of those in the future? 🙂 Happy bday-sounds like it was a great day!

    And I’m getting more psyched for my Chi-town trip after what you said about the people-I love big cities sans attitude.


    1. Hey there nyflygirl! It was hilarious since I had never noticed that when watching a game on tv before.

      We will definitely be going back more often for games! Chicago is such a great city. When are you visiting? I take it this may be your first visit? I can’t wait to hear what you think about it. We just always comment on how the people in the city appear to take care of one another. We always feel safe in the city. People are friendly and easily strike up conversation. I hope you enjoy Chi-town!


      1. 10-10-10!!! 🙂

        I actually did go briefly about 10 years ago-my ex-bf’s cousin had a wedding in a suburb of Chicago (the town the wedding was in prohibited alcohol-believe it or not! forgot the name of the town.) Unfortunately didn’t really get to see the city, so this will be my first “real” visit.


      2. AWESOME!! Sorry if I spaced and forgot that, I’m sure you blog talks about Chicago Marathon. We will be running it too! I hope you enjoy Chicago! Post race is the best too! Make sure to wear your medal all day, everyone loves to talk to someone that finished the marathon. 🙂 It would be cool if we got to see you at the expo! Oh and make sure to check out Nike Town on Michigan Ave, last year they had everyone’s name on the front of the store.


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