Funky Cold Medina

This is week 2 in my new training plan with Coach Greg McMillan and I was in quite a funk. Running is something I usually look forward to, something that makes me feel more like myself. This week I struggled to have that feeling. My mood was indifferent all week about everything. I was lucky that it finally lifted on my run Friday so that I could truly enjoy my first Cubs game. 🙂

Then I woke up Saturday with a cold! From funk to a cold, blech! I guess that explains the mood from the week, I was likely getting worn down. I rarely get sick so this was a nuisance, especially on a long holiday weekend. We cancelled plans with friends and missed a birthday party, but I had to rest as much as possible so I could try and salvage a decent long run. Rob ended up getting sick later that day too. We vegged out and took meds. I struggled to do 65 Minutes Easy on the treadmill and then it was off to bed to try and rest up for the impending long run.

This would be interesting. I know how sensitive the body can be on a long run; one rumbly tummy, one bit of soreness, one tiny cold can feel like torture after a bunch of miles. However, the point is to take whatever comes and work with it, because that is potentially what could happen on race day. So I head out, not sure if my body would fight me the whole way on this run. The plan was to run the first 12 Miles were Easy with the last 8 at MGP. My head was stuffed up and my throat sore, but I didn’t feel as bad as the day before. The first four miles were me just assessing the situation. Luckily I never felt worse and continued on. The first 12 Miles clicked by quickly. It was breezy. I enjoyed out effortless easy pace feels and how running 12 Miles feels like nothing these days. Then came the 8 and I just put in more concentration to my pace and wound up with in my MGP range. Success! I felt amazing! Even with a sore throat and full head I managed to enjoy my run and found it all around quite easy.

My cold is still with me, but the funk is gone. I feel like myself again. I feel ready to get on with the training and see this through. 🙂

M: Rest

T: 8.12 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:05:00, 8:11 Pace)

W: 6 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 48:01, 8:01 Pace)

R: 1.79 Miles Warm Up (‘Hood, 15:00, 8:28 Pace), 5 Miles Tempo (‘Hood, 37:07, 7:26 Pace), 0.88 Miles Cool Down (‘Hood, 8:15, 9:23 Pace)

F: 12.84 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:45:02, 8:11 Pace)

Sa: 8.12 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:05:00, 8:11 Pace)

Su: 20 Miles Long W/8 @ MGP (‘Hood, 2:38:44, 7:56 Pace)

Total: 62.7 Miles

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