Team Playa

As a part of being on the Often Running Racing Team, we help out the store with various events. I had my first experience by working at the store’s tent for a middle school’s cross-country event on Saturday. I worked from 7:30 – noon-ish doing set up, selling merchandise and tearing down. The time flew! And it was a lot of fun to interact with the kids. 🙂 They were all excited to get one of the CC meet shirts that our store was selling that had various sayings on the back. It definitely brought me back to my days in retail….good times. 😀 I’m also enjoying being a part of the team and getting represent the store.

So on to the training work. After a satisfying track workout, my next quality workout was repeats on rolling hills. Thursday turned out to be nuts at work and I was too pooped to turn in a good workout. I moved it to Friday and we set out to our new hilly area (there are few where we live) in a part of town that is very nice. After a good 30 minute warm up and 5 repeats in once again we had someone not nice at all in the same area we were and did not feel safe at all. So the workout was scraped. I’m SUPER ticked about this. So I think the next plan is to drive to a smaller town nearby for hill work and see if we have any better luck there. Hill workouts are hard enough without feeling safe to even run them, it’s SO aggravating! Grrr!!!

My next quality workout was today’s long run. Today was technically a “time on my feet” run, but since my hill workout was non-existent I figured I would try for another LR with MGP miles. My body had other plans. I felt great on the run, stomach was good and muscles just slightly tight, but nothing major. When I tried to pick up the pace and hold it I realized how stiff I really was. My legs felt very heavy and were a chore to move faster. Needless to say I did end up with just a “time on my feet” LR after all. Normally these types of set backs get me upset, but I’m okay with this run. It’s all I could do today and I hope that my legs feel fresh for the USAF Half Marathon next weekend.

Here is how the week turned out.

M: 4.85 Easy (‘Hood, Super Windy, 42:29, 8:49 Pace), Push Ups

T: 1.58 Warm Up (ISU Track, 15:10, 9:36 Pace), 6.1 Intervals – Yasso 800s w/400 recoveries (ISU Track, 50:04, 8:13 Pace), 0.88 Cool Down (ISU Track, 11:14, 12:46 Pace)

W: 7.47 Easy (‘Hood, 1:05:00, 8:43 Pace)

R: Rest

F: AM – 3.3 Warm Up (F Creek, 30:01, 9:01 Pace), 1.31 1 Min Hill Repeats w/1 Min Recoveries (RC Hill, 9:53, 7:33 Pace)

PM – 5.01 Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 40:00, 8:00 Pace)

Sa: 8.28 Easy (Treadmill, 2% Incline, 1:05:00, 7.52 Pace)

Su: 20 Long (‘Hood, 2:40:49, 8:03 Pace), Upper Body Weights and Sit Ups

Total: 58.78

8 thoughts on “Team Playa

    1. I’m definitely on the treadmill too much and no it doesn’t help with speed. My stride is not the same on the treadmill and overall it feels like less work. I need to get my butt outside more.


  1. As much as I’ve tired of the hills in Central Park (from having run there for 6+ years) I do appreciate more the plethora of annoying hills for hill workouts even more after reading your post 🙂

    Totally hear ya about the treadmill-I always feel like it throws off my stride, therefore it’s always a last resort for me (or if I am at the gym and want to get in a coupla miles while I am there.) Even with the intense heat this summer, I sucked it up as much as I could outside…


    1. Yeah I need to get better at getting outside regardless of conditions. Really it’s just laziness on my part to not have to round up my Garmin, mace, headlamp (if it’s dark) and jump on the treadmill for an easy run, but really any run is more beneficial outdoors.

      It’s unfortunate that there have to people out there that interrupt a good workout. I hope I find a good hill location soon cause I need the training.


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