2010 USAF Half Marathon Expo

This week has been a lot of easy running to get ready for the USAF Half Marathon. Monday I ran 40 Mins Easy and Tuesday 1Hr 45 Mins Easy in the neighborhood. Wednesday was our company wellness event and I ran around our pond for 1Hr 5 Mins Easy. Thursday we were just too busy with work and errands that I took a rest day.

Which leads to today. On the drive to Dayton, OH we stopped in Indianapolis for my favorite shopping spot, TJoes! Our friends Jo and Larry are also doing the Half Marathon! We met up with them and their kids to hit the Expo.

The image resizing is all messed up, I will fix these when we get home.

Me and Jo

Rob and Me

Rob, Me, Jo and Larry

Larry and Jo

The race shirts are sweet! Love the black!

Tonight was 2 Miles Easy on the treadmill and then I went outside for some pickups (6 x 50s). Rob and I then took a dip in the pool, relaxed in the hot tub and then sat outside by the hotel fire pit. I feel very rested and ready to go! 😀

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