New Fuel

One week to go until Chicago Marathon!! Today was 13 Miles Long so I just went ahead and made it 13.1 and did the last 1.1 @ MGP.

13.1 Long (‘Hood, 1:44:40, 8:00 Pace)

This run wraps the week with 49.6 Miles and 30 Minutes of Strength Training.

This was also my second run with a new fuel that we are trying out. It’s First Endurance’s EFS Liquid Shot in vanilla flavor. Each flask has four servings so I’m planning to carry one at the race. The flavor is pretty good and it hasn’t hurt my stomach at all!

9 thoughts on “New Fuel

  1. wow thats amazing. I work out regularly but at most I could do maybe a mile or two lol Congrats and I wish you the best in your marathon

    Wishing you success and all the best days ahead


  2. Hi! I just found your blog. You inspire me to run faster!! I thought I had it going on running a 9 mile pace. Ha. Next run I will pretend you are in front of me. 😉


    1. Hi Jamie! Thanks for reading my blog and posting! You DO have it going with your pace! Don’t sell your hard work short. I hope you will see from my blog that I started from nothing in 2007. I’m looking forward to reading your blog and watching your progress. Please keep in touch! 🙂


  3. Ditto Stephanie…hopefully we can meet up. Question about the new fuel, will you have it in a hand held or a belt? I’ll be interestign to see how it goes. I’m sticking to non-caffinated shot bloks and one roctane. Hoping that is fine for me…it seemed to be the only thing that did during training runs


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