Armed and Dangerous

Today I took a half day off from work for errands and was able to get my run in earlier. Today is 8 Miles Dress Rehearsal with 2 @ MGP. Most of my clothes I train in all the time, but I did have something new to dress rehearse this run, my Moeben arm sleeves. I love that they are tie dye. Since my shirt is blue and my shoes are red, I think the tie dye brings it all together. As a side note, my dress rehearsal sports the nail color I plan to wear, “Lincoln Park After Dark”, gotta go full Chicago!

My psuedo flex, lol.

I’ve had arm sleeves before, but these have pockets on the outside of each sleeve, which is perfect for storing fuel. I’ve settled on EFS flask and a back up package of Sports Beans (for mile 20 if I feel like I need an extra kick). This dress rehearsal was going to give me a chance to see how the flask felt in the sleeve running than carrying it in my hand. So I put a package of beans in my left arm sleeve, and the flask on my right so I could run with them to see how it feels.

And boy am I glad I did. I can say the Sports Beans didn’t even blip on my radar because they are so light, but the flask felt heavy. I could feel the front of my deltoid tighten up from it. Not sure that I will be used to that feeling and ready to tote the flask the first 5 Miles (that’s when I’ll take my first sip) in the pocket. I may have to keep it in my hand after all, but at least I have the option. Perhaps in the futher with enough running with them maybe I can get used to the flask being in the pocket by the next marathon.

Hey Moeben, got some product recommendations for you. 1) The Moeben printing on the pocket should be reflective paint, a little extra reflection never hurts. 2) If you make an option with half hand sleeves like this bad boy, I’m interested in it.  

Oh and if the neighbors didn’t find me crazy before with all the running in ninja-like masks in the winter and headlamps at night, I think the tie dyed arm sleeves sealed the deal. 😉

10 thoughts on “Armed and Dangerous

  1. Yay! We plan to stick around a bit, so I will get my phone when we get finished. I should probably be easy to spot with these sleeves while running. 😉 I want to see you too!! Can’t wait!! 😀


  2. I’m not stalking you, but I just noticed that you plan on running on 12.5 in Vegas! I’m going to be in Vegas on the 1st to 5th and I’m considering running the half while I’m there.


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