adios amigos

No, not goodbye. Adios as in my kicks, the adidas adiZero adios.

They are light weight and provide my ankle, heel and arch with support, which can be hard to find in a lighter weight shoe. The laces are medium width and the material is scratchier than others, making them hold knots better than a standard lace. This is my third pair, so needless to say these have been my favorite shoe so far. During training runs I also rotate in a pair of adidas adiZero Bostons.

This week has been crazy busy. Rob and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary and Rob’s birthday! Happy Birthday Babe!!! 😀 Plus we’ve been swamped at work and house chores. I’ve rearranged my training this week, but I’m still getting my mileage in. Today I did a two a day with 5.1 Miles Easy outside in some windy conditions and tonight 11.25 Miles Easy on the treadmill with the incline alternating between 1-3%.

8 thoughts on “adios amigos

    1. This is my third pair so I’ve trained in them for a marathon before and I love them. I mix in my Boston’s now and then when I feel like I need some more support. Actually this is as thin as I go for a racing flat. I do have some adidas RCs that are thinner, but I’ve tried racing a 5 Miler in them and felt like they were too thin. I guess I could always give them a try on a 5K and see if they work there.


  1. Ahhh the Superwoman/Superman shoes!! (at least thats what I call that certain color version 🙂 ) Some of my other friends wear the Adios and love it. I tried them on a few months ago (when it was in the cool blue color) but found it too narrow, but then again I tried on the mens’ version (as that was the only version the store had at the time)…maybe if I try the ladies-specific one it will be better…


    1. Superwoman Shoes – Love it! 😀 Yeah they make a unisex, women’s and men’s sizing. I have the women’s. Not sure if the unisex fit differently. Next versions are green, I can’t wait to get a pair of those too! 🙂


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