Everytime A Bell Rings

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying some time with friends and family this weekend. To kick off the holidays Rob and I like to do charity work. My favorite is bell ringing for the Salvation Army. I just like being able to smile and wish everyone a great holiday. Even if someone doesn’t donate it’s a chance to spread good cheer and hopefully get others thinking about ways to give to the community. This shift was exceptionally cold and windy. Hence our sign wouldn’t stay up and the super windy looking hairdo in this picture.

The good thing about bad weather is people tend to take pity on us for putting up with the elements and donate more. 🙂 This time we took a shift at SAMs Club. An observation I had is that people have to get their wallets out for their SAMs Club Card, so they seem to be ready to give a little money while they have their wallet out. The winds were so bad that one lady’s dollar flew away before she could get it into the kettle. I chased it down and luckily got it before running into traffic. 🙂

On a running note I hit a new mileage milestone in my yearly stats. As of yesterday I’ve run over 2,000 miles this year! I’m very excited and looking forward to seeing if I can get close to 3,000 miles for 2011. 😀

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