To Pfitz or Not To Pfitz

That is the question.

First, let me say that this week was the busiest I’ve ever experienced at work. I led a three day inaugural event at work and it was a success! The price I paid was zero energy for running for the last four days. One of the days was 17 hours straight and that much time running around and working left me completely empty. At least I was too tired to stress over how this would affect my training plan.

Now that I’ve come up for air I know that I’m not ready for Daniel’s plan and while I used it for the last six weeks for base building, I’m going to now move to Pfitz 18/85 plan for training for the Boston Marathon. I want to be challenged and still know what to expect for this training. I want to save Daniels plan for races when I’m stronger. So this week Boston Marathon is officially 18 weeks away. Half of the week I’ve lost so I’m just ramping into this week.

I do plan to cross train for this training cycle more than I have for any other marathon. That’s an easy feat since I haven’t done enough in this department for any race.

Also, the weather in IL can be terrible in the winter, which means more treadmill running than I would like. I will be running hills out of town to prepare for Boston. Indoors I will consider 1-3% Incline regular road conditions and anything +3% Incline a hill workout. Since this area is mostly flat for me, above 3% feels hilly.

It was a busy week and a successful event, but I can’t wait to get back into my regular routine!

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