Not Enough


Sunday (12/26): 17 Long (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 2:14:11, 7:59 Pace), Abs

Today’s run we 17 Long on the treadmill with 8 @ MGP which puts me at 67.3 miles for the week and back on track in my training schedule, but I’m no where close to where I need to be fitness-wise. I did a quick check of my training log and see that this is a new weekly mileage record for me by .2! My last longest mileage week was 67.1 back in April while training for this IL Marathon. However, I know there is more to do to get my fitness ready, just plugging in the miles won’t be enough to get it done.

I stink at math, but by my calculations I have 16 weeks, 4 very quick months, until it’s time for Boston. 16 weeks is not a lot of time to get my strength, flexibility, stamina, and nutrition where it needs to be to pull out a great race. I’m not freaked out, just aware of the amount of time and the fact that where I’m at now, what I am doing is not enough. It’s serious time, to buckle down and get this thing going. 16 weeks will fly by and I need to make use of all of it.

6 thoughts on “Not Enough

    1. Just doesn’t get to me. I think it serves me well in the marathon cause I can deal with courses with low crowds, ect. I don’t need the entertainment to get me through cause anything is more entertaining than a long run on the treadmill.


    1. Hey Nic! I just think I need to feel extremely challenged to feel marathon ready. It feels too common now to run a bunch of miles so I have to make sure that I have bursts of speed and lactate threshold work. Plus the cross training is challenging to me since I don’t do enough of it yet.


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