Not Comfortable


Monday (12/27): 6 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 51:09, 8:32 Pace)

Tuesday (12/28): 5 Miles LT (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 39:14, 7:59 Pace), Bike 7 Miles Hill (Exercise Bike, 30:02, 13.98 mph)

Wednesday (12/29): 2 Miles Warm Up (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 16:58, 8:29 Pace), Weight Training, 6 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 50:42, 8:27 Pace)

Monday’s workout was standard recovery after Sunday’s long run. Tuesday we hit the road to be with my Dad who was having an out patient surgery. His surgery went well. We stayed the night to accompany him to his follow up appointment the next day. The hotel we stayed at didn’t have a fitness center so a couple searches on the old iPhone and phone calls and whala…found a gym about 15 minutes away.

It was $10/person and we were just trying to get in a quick workout. The facility was good and the equipment looked really new. We headed upstairs to the cardio equipment and jumped on a couple treadmills and got to work. I had 10 Miles Lactate Threshold with 5 Miles at LT Pace. I knew I probably wouldn’t get all 10 miles in so after a 1 mile warm up I picked up the pace. I mistakenly over dressed. I had on capris and a light long sleeved shirt. After a couple miles at LT I was melted. I was covered in slimy sweat and my head was aching. I felt very gross and the place felt super hot. I asked Rob and he agreed that we were running in a sauna reminiscent of the hotel in Birmingham. LT is what I need to work on most, so I also got to feel how lacking my fitness is and this heat wasn’t helping. I was dunzo. I felt completely melted in the brain and couldn’t process one more step forward. I cut my run short at 5 miles.

To not make this workout ubershort we jumped on some recumbent bikes to cool off. I am glad that we got out there and worked out on a day that a long drive and time at the hospital it would have been easy to just call it a day.

From the bike.

When we got back into town we went to our local gym to lift weights. I got in a 2 mile warm up that will help chip away at the 5 miles miles I will need to get made up in my weekly mileage. It was so nice to be a gym that wasn’t a 100 degrees. Lifting felt great since we haven’t been in so long. We ran into our friends Larry and Jo and caught up with them too. 🙂 We then headed home and later that night I got my 6 recovery miles done.

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