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Hood to Coast



Monday (1/10): 6 Miles Hill (Treadmill, 2-5% Incline, 50:44, 8:28 Pace), Strengthening

Tuesday (1/11): 4 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 34:13, 8:34 Pace)

Tonight night after work we drove to a neighboring town to have sushi and watch a movie with Drew. Not just any movie, a new running documentary “Hood to Coast” following four relay teams as they participate in the 197 Mile event. It was funny and even heartwarming. I will definitely want to add this to my running movie collection. When we got back I got in my four miles on the treadmill.

4 thoughts on “Hood to Coast

  1. I have heard that movie is fantastic. I’m going to have to go pick it up sometime soon (since I have nothing else to do at the moment ha).


  2. I definitely want to see this flick, and run the race…it’s on my bucket list!


  3. I loved the movie! it was very cute!


  4. Yeah always fun to see a new running flick. 🙂


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