On the Decline


Friday (1/14): 45 Minutes Yoga, 13.1 Miles Med-Long (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:43:36, 7:55 Pace)

Saturday (1/15): 3 Miles Hill (Gym Treadmill, 3-6.5% Incline w/.5 Mile @ -2% Decline, 25:31, 8:31 Pace), Weight Lifting, Bike 8.3 Miles Easy (Exercise Bike, P1, L4, 30:00, 16.6 mph), 9 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:17:08, 8:35 Pace)

So I was at the gym today for a little weight lifting sesh and started with a few miles doing hills at an easy pace when lo and behold I discover that I’m running on a gem of a treadmill with a decline option! Christmas came early because I’ve never ran on a treadmill with decline before and gave it a whirl for the last .5 Mile. I set the decline on -2% and man did it feel weird to be on a treadmill running downward. It felt like running downhill and has me wondering what I’m going to be in for with Boston. Needless to say I will be doing some simulation training runs at the gym. I also got some odd looks from people as they glanced at my sloped down running.

After some weight lifting and I headed home for lunch with the hubby and light bike riding. Rob is being a sweetheart and doing a bunch of scheduled maintenance on one of our vehicles…strut, sway bar, shock thingys…or something like that, all I know is that it saves us some cabbage, score!

After my first workout of the day, I did a hot epsom salt soak and read some of my 3-year-old magazines. Britney circa 2007.

I love running and celeb magazines so much that I hate to part with them. So they go through a cycle in my house. They pile up for a year in the study and I flip through them multiple times. Then around the two-year mark they are demoted to the workout room, a pile resides there where I can grab one while on the bike and get my slimy sweat all over them. Then finally, around the three-year mark, they make their way to a pile for hot epsom salt soaking or ice baths. One final flip through and they are done. At least I get my use out of them! 😀

After a nice relaxing dinner of Italian Shrimp Pasta it was on to my second workout of the day, 9 Miles Easy.

7 thoughts on “On the Decline

  1. OMG that is too funny! I keep all of my runner magazines and the occasional gossip mag for years as well. What is wrong with us? 🙂

    You are logging some hefty miles! I wish my body could handle that. I used to run 70 miles a week in college and since college, my body rebels with anything over 50. Go you! Do you have a goal finish time for Boston? If you do and don’t want to share, I totally understand. 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work!


    1. Boston is too far out for me to speculate on a goal time. I understand the course will be nothing like I’ve experienced before. For now I do hope to PR and not need a potty break mid-run. Pacing this race will come out funny with the grading so I plan to train hard and know that my time goals will naturally adjust to account for the course.


  2. Decline TM???!!!????? That is awesome! I would love to try one of those. Have you looked into workout for the LR that simulate Boston? I know they DO exist b/c I did a few when I was training for St. Louis. Rock on, sista!


    1. Oh yeah, it was very cool! I’m psyched to find out our gym has them. Yes I have looked into course simulation and will get into simulations in my next phase. I did simulation training for Birmingham, but not with the decline so this will be a new experience. 🙂 I hope your Achillies is improving!


  3. Yum – shrimp pasta looks delish!! And congrats to you on logging some crazy mileage 🙂 I too keep my magazines for years… I just can’t get rid of the good ones!


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