Great Outdoors


Friday (1/28): 2 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 16:41, 8:21 Pace, Yoga 45 Mins, 2 Miles Easy (Gym Treadmill, 1% Incline, 17:18, 8:39 Pace), 6.1 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 55:17, 9:04)

Today training was a little bit of everything. I had easy miles to run and I put them here and there through the day. A couple of miles at home before Yoga, a couple of miles at the fitness center when Yoga was finished. Finally 6.1 Miles easy outdoors! We had a high of 30 degrees and the roads were actually clear enough for me to feel okay with getting back outside.

I kept my pace easy because tomorrow is the 3000M track meet that I haven’t trained one bit for. I wonder if my body even remembers how to run raster. This will be interesting.

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