Tuesday (2/8):

9 Miles General Aerobic (Treadmill, 1:07:20, 7:29 Pace)

Wednesday (2/9):


Thursday (2/10):

15 Miles Hills (Treadmill, 1-5% Incline, 2:00:05, 8:01 Pace)

Friday (2/11):

45 Minutes Yoga

Weight Lifting

13.1 Miles Med-Long (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:46:09, 8:09 Pace)

Saturday (2/12):

3.57 Miles Easy (Hood, 30:36, 8:35 Pace)

10 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 2% Incline, 1:22:12, 8:14 Pace)

Sunday (2/13):

8.1 Miles Easy (Hood, Windy, 1:07:49, 8:23 Pace)

18.1 Miles Long w/12 @ MGP (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 2:17:53, 7:38 Pace)

That is how many miles I ended up doing yesterday. Not in one sitting, but a new training day mileage high and 82.77 Miles for the week. The unplanned mileage happened because it is finally decent outside and the roads are finally clear of ice and snow.

It started Saturday when I squeezed in a few miles outside in the morning before heading to the Often Running store to help them for a couple of hours. Sunday morning I was itchy to get back outside again, but the winds were high. I headed out and ended up leaning into the head winds, getting some strength training trying to fight it. It can get exhausting pushing against the wind so instead of doing my whole 18 Miles that I had planned I came in, took a nap and we went about the rest of our day. Rob did his 22 Miles on the treadmill and by the evening I was feeling good and wishing to still get in my 18 Miles. I got on the treadmill with three options and was just going to see what my legs would allow. I could run 8 Miles and call it 16 for the day and move this run to next weekend, do 10 Miles to get in my 18 Miles, or do the whole enchilada if I was feeling up to it. My legs felt tired for a long run, but nothing I couldn’t run through so I ended up doing my regularly scheduled run of 18 Miles w/12 Miles @ MGP. While running I realized that if I stuck on a .1 I would have 26.2 for the day, so why not at this point.

So that’s how my miles went yesterday. I was happy that I could do my run even with tired legs. By the end of the run I did feel completely empty of energy. I was happy to get to bed and rest up.

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day and get to enjoy some time with those you love!

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