Monday (2/14):


Tuesday (2/15):

7 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 59:54, 8:34 Pace)

Monday I took a rest day. I felt good after my miles on Sunday, but a little rest never hurts and with Valentine’s Day it was the perfect reason to enjoy a nice dinner at home with my man. Tuesday I was able to get in some easy miles first thing in the morning before heading into work. I had to travel for work to University of Illinois to help with a brainstorming session for an upcoming technical competition that some students will be competing in. It was great getting to help the students, but made for a long day. I got home around 9pm and had this little surprise waiting. Rob and I both had a new medal.

The Rock and Roll series gives out additional medals for completing more than one of their races in a year. As you rack up multiple race events, you can rack up some extra bling. This medal commemorates our running of Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon and Rock and Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon in 2010, making 26.2 Encore miles. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Encore

    1. Rock and Roll has race organization down to a science. I would recommened them. They have a lot of gear to purchase, the shirt that comes with the entry is nice, the medals are always well done, and depending on the race the entertainment has been great too.


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