I will wear white.


Sunday (3/13):

2.33 Miles Easy (Warm up for race, 21:37, 9:17 Pace)

5K Race (St. Pat’s, 20:29, 6:36 Pace, 2nd FO, 1st AG)

3.85 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Chicago Lakefront, -2% – +3.5% Incline, 33:59, 8:50 Pace)

I had my fingers crossed that my BQ time would be enough to get me into the first string of the new start wave system, but no such luck. Last year’s system was a Wave 1 and 2 start with the cut off at 3:34. This year BAA announced that they will use bib colors of Red, White and Blue with the following segmentations:

Red: 101 – 8,999

White: 9,000 – 17,999

Blue: 18,000+

My bib number is 9,439 putting me in the white bib category. So this first timer will be in white. 😉

It would have been cool to have had a qualifying time that would have put me in the red category. Oh well, regardless I’m excited to get to race! 😀

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