2011 St. Pat’s – 5K – 20:29

Sunday we had a 5K race in town. This race has a flat course and is a local favorite. It was supposed to be 40 degrees and sunny. It was more like 34ish with no sun, which in the spring can feel like a huge difference. Thankfully the winds were calm and so it didn’t feel cold as last week’s 5K. I did feel underdressed when we realized that the sun wouldn’t be joining us. I was in green calf sleeves (it is a St. Pat’s race so I had to bust them out), shorts, short sleeved shirt and arm sleeves, hat and gloves. Capris or long pants would have felt nice, oh well.

Rob and I did a 2.33 mile warm up and got to wave and chat to many people along the way. It’s nice to see so many familiar faces getting out to kick off the race season.

I’m still recovering from my sinus infection. The cold air was not feeling good on my throat and lungs. I had to stop and cough up phlegm now and then.

This race is well organized and we were off pretty quickly. There was a fast female well in front of me with no chance of catching her. I had no idea how my body would feel with a full head of mucus and coughing. I had to gasp for air more than usual. Still my legs were feeling good. I held 2nd female overall for the whole race. I was feeling slow, but the first split was called at 6:13, second at 12:56. I was in the neighborhood of my PR pace and was feeling well other than this stupid infection. I pushed my way in to a 20:29.

Not too shabby for doing marathon training that included a 20 miler the day before and with a sinus infection. I will take it! I haven’t been working on speedwork for the short stuff so I am very happy with how I felt racing.



6:36 Pace

Overall: 33/638

F: 2/343

F 30-34: 1/65

Same course, my past year’s results:

2010 Time – 21:31

2009 Time – 26:33

2008 Time – 26:39

Rob came in at 19:17 and was 5th in his age group!

Afterward we got to cheer in all of our friends and then hang out hearing how everyone was feeling and their training. I also got to see many familiar faces from Ride the Wave including people from my crew! It was such a fun race day!

My 1st age group award was $10 to a local pub. I need to dig up my winnings from last year and see if the gift certificate expired. If not, I’m up 20 bucks and need to take my hubby out for dinner. 🙂

6 thoughts on “2011 St. Pat’s – 5K – 20:29

  1. Wow! 20:29 and you were sick! You are speedy. I can not believe your husband got 5th in his AG with a time of 19:17. That blows my mind! That’s a lot of fast people! Congrats on your AG win!

    Hope you feel better soon!


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