Sunday (3/20):

13.1 Miles Race (Delavan Frostbite Classic Half Marathon, 30+ mph winds, 1:40:23, 7:41 Pace, 2nd Female Overall)

Monday (3/21):

4 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 36:53, 9:14 Pace)

Tuesday (3/22):

8 Miles Easy (Treamill, Boston Marathon Course, 1:01:03, 7:38 Pace)

Wednesday (3/23):

6 Miles Easy (Const Trail, RTW Group Run, 1:03:39, 10:37 Pace)

Thursday (3/24):


Friday (3/25):

3.5 Miles Easy (Treamill, Boston Marathon Course, 29:37, 8:28 Pace)

1 Mile Easy (Gym Treadmill, Warm Up for weights, 8:15 Pace)

35 Mins Weight Lifting

8 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 1:07:30, 8:27 Pace)

Saturday (3/26):

15 Miles Med-Long (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, 2:04:50, 8:20 Pace)

5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, 44:50, 8:58 Pace)

3 Miles Easy (Treadmill, Boston Marathon Course, 26:44, 8:55 Pace)

Another special Boston goodie arrived!

LOVE IT!!!! 😀

Oh and another picture, cause I’m a cheeseball and love this charm!

Okay, so running this week was pretty much the usual, just lots of enjoyment and running of miles. One of the highlights of the week was group leading with the RTWers on Wednesday and for some of them it was their longest distance so far, 6 miles! I was so happy for them and they are doing so great! Also, I got up early Friday to run a few miles before yoga, I head over to class to find out it was cancelled for spring break – boo! So I ran a mile at the gym and then hit the weights. I missed the yoga-sesh, but weights was a good substitute.

Rob hooked up the Wii in the workout room which means I got to overdose on Kardashians via Netflix while running, joy! I would never sit still to watch it so running miles and filling up on some girly tv garbage was perfect. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Charming

  1. I enjoy your blog so much! I just ran a marathon Sun. I wanted your opinion on when I can safely run again. I’m not that sore and would like to jog tomorrow. I don’t plan on running(hard like training) for a month, just want to jog and exercise. Your thoughts appreciated running queen! 🙂


    1. Hey Vanessa!! Congrats on your marathon!! Was this your first marathon? It’s great that you are feeling good afterward, but be cautious. Your muscles are repairing and you definitely should takes things way easy the first week. Think of it as active recovery, just promoting blood flow for healing and not trying to build fitness. If you do jog the pace should be ridiculously slow. I usually 2:30 min slower pace than my marathon pace. Also consider some light biking, yoga or walking. It’s better to be conservative and let your muscles fully recover to prevent injury.
      Congrats again!!!!


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