Sunday (4/10):

1 Mile Warm Up (11:21)

13.1 Mile Race (Go! St. Louis Half Marathon, Hot and Windy – 74 degrees, 15-19mph winds, 1:41:10, 7:44 Pace)

8 Miles Bike (Easy, 43:43, 10.98 mph)

Monday (4/11):

3.15 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 27:59, 8:54 Pace)

Today we headed back home and I need to get my focus on the upcoming Boston Marathon! My friend Jo knew how to get me excited and re-focused on what’s to come with this amazing present! She dubbed it the Mojo Box, a little bit of the things that Jo and I both love to take with me on the trip and to get me race ready. She really out did herself and this thing was heavy! Jo had thought of everything and even went the extra mile and included so many inspirational quotes, I was in tears just going though everything. It was a like a shot in the arm of awesomeness! Thank you so much Jo!!

It was all arranged so nicely and I tore into it and put everything back so let me break down what was in the Mojo Box.

A very sweet card, tons of inspirational quotes, Subway and Starbucks gift cards. I will read these quotes every day up to the race and will use them as book marks in the running books I’m reading so I have them handy at all times.

Speaking of books, I now have a wealth of Boston info on hand!

Snacks for the road, minus one bag, Rob already snagged one before I even got a picture. 🙂

For the tummy.

Gus, CarbBooms, FRS chews, Sports Beans and water and Gatorade for hydration.

And my favorite socks, Swiftwicks!! Jo got these from Often Running and said they were from Mitch (Store and Race Team Manager).

An awesome new headband.

Light reading and Shout Wipes cause I’m a spiller. 🙂

And to pretty my toes that need it so badly. I’m going to bust this out pronto!

And a little sugar. Jo even called Rob days earlier to find out what flavor would be best. She got me apple pie flavored candy apple and a dark chocolate turtle – perfect choice!! 🙂

This gift and getting to chat with Jo got my mind off of the disappointing races and back into Boston mode. Thank you Jo!!!! 😀

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