Sweet Surprise


Tuesday (4/12):

7 Miles General Aerobic (‘Hood, 52:08, 7:27 Pace)

8.6 Miles Easy Bike (P1, L4, 30:00, 17.2 mph)

On one of my work efforts another co-worker is running the Boston Marathon for the first time as well! We keep so busy that we rarely get time  to talk running, but we have managed to have a few chats about the upcoming race. The project manager on the effort is also a runner and she brought in the sweetest surprise to our meeting today. Boston Marathon themed cookies! How awesome is that?!

That is just too cute! I ate a BAA one, hopefully it adds to the mojo!

6 thoughts on “Sweet Surprise

    1. Thanks Hollie! All of the encouraging words have meant the world to me! These surprises were so awesome and are adding to my excitement for the big day! 🙂


  1. Super cute! You have alot of fans supporting you. I hope it helps with your running mojo. I have a good feeling about this race! 🙂


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