2011 Lake Run – 12K – 54:01

Today was the Lake Run Race that runs around a local Lake and has two distance options 12K or 4.37 Miles. Known in the community as the inner and outer (lake) loop. This is the race that my Ride the Wave crew had been training for all of these weeks. This race brings out a lot of familiar faces so we get to spend time chatting everyone. Me and Jo before we race.

Rob did an awesome job taking pictures!

Time flew by and before I know it we are lining up to the start line. We got lucky and had good weather. Being a springtime race, past years we have had some crazy storms and strong winds. The outer loop start. The inner and outer loops start in opposite directions and meet back up just after miles 6 for the 12K and finish together.

I went into this race with an uncertainty of how I would feel. I gauged my effort as we went knowing we would have hills and wind to contend with. A couple of the lead girls and I changed position a few times and we took the turns and went up and down the hills. We exchanged encouraging words and has some light chatting as went along.

Mike and Ryan coming into the finish. Great job guys!

Mike and Carissa kicking butt on the inner out outer loop respectively!

While racing I felt amazing! I haven’t had that feeling in a long time in a race. That feeling where I’m working, but I’m so energized as the miles click by. I felt stronger as we went along and couldn’t stop smiling. My legs felt woke up and I felt just such joy! When we got past mile 6 we met up with those on the inner loop and as I was passing folks I couldn’t help but say positive things “good job girl”, “let’s finish this”, “great work guys” the rest of the way in. We got to mile 7 mark and I see our friend Melissa doing splits and say hi. Turn for the corner and I see Rob! I focused on the finish line and pushed for the line. It felt awesome!

I headed back out for a cool down and to cheer our RTWers and all of our friends in. RTWers and my crew, you did so great!! I love seeing everyone at the finish giving it there all, love to see that hustle!

I ran into Jo and ran with her to the finish. She did great!

It was so nice to be there running with Jo. She encourages me all of the time and it was great to be there for her.

Afterward I went back out and cheered in more folks, changed clothes….Oh! And I got some oranges for refueling. 🙂

My finish scored me a pilsner glass. 🙂



7:14 Pace

F: 5/168

F 30-34: 2/29

Overall: 55/381

Afterward, it was time to chill at Hooters with Mike and Carrisa and enjoy a grilled fish sandwich. 🙂

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