Sunday (5/15):
26.2 Race (Chicagoland Spring Marathon, 3:42:52, 8:30 Pace, terrible stomach – two bathroom stops)

Monday (5/16):

Tuesday (5/17):
57 Mins P90X – X Stretch

Wednesday (5/18):
4.74 Miles Easy (Live Well Be Well, SF Lake, 44:32, 9:24 Pace)

Thursday (5/19):

Friday (5/20):
6.2 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 51:37, 8:20 Pace)
50 Mins Yoga

Saturday (5/21):
12.5 Mile Bike Easy (45:00, 16.67 mph)

Sunday (5/22):
5.21 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 48:42, 9:21 Pace)

This week was more restful and so needed. Wednesday afternoon was our work wellness run around the pond. I got to run with our friend Jessica and we caught up since we rarely hang out. That night Rob, Amanda, Chris, Abby and Grant went and saw Bridesmaids, it is freaking hilarious!! It was one of those movies where you half cover your eyes because they take it too far and then laugh so hard your stomach hurts, it was great! Thursday Rob and I went out of town to do some shopping. Friday was crazy busy including a 6 mile run in the neighborhood, went to Yoga with Rob, then to the salon for me and finally we went for a quick flight for a transponder check for the airplane.

Saturday was all about plants and getting house work done. That morning we took Coco to the local Farmer’s Market and she enjoyed all of the attention that people gave her. We got some veggies and coffee and then I got to work on landscaping and potting my own vegetables! This is a first for me, trying to keep actual vegetables alive so we will see how this goes. I’m starting very small. I have cherry and roma tomatoes, sweet basil and cilantro.

Sunday was more house cleaning and doing some work from home. Rob and I went for a casual run around the neighborhood at the end of the day. It was such a nice weekend altogether!

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