Spit Shine


Monday (5/23):

Bike 8.6 Miles Interval (30:00, 17.2 mph, P2, L5)

Tuesday (5/24):

5.2 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 48:36, 9:21 Pace)

As you can imagine keeping an airplane is not a cheap expense on the ‘ol pocketbook. It’s a serious choice to build a plane and try to manage the expenses of maintaining it, let alone fly it. Gas prices for AV Gas are crazy high, $6.50/gal, up from $4/gal when we were complete with the build in 2008. Insurance, hangar space, it all adds up. It’s something we have looked at as a long term part of our lives, even if we don’t get the time (or the fact that it’s costly) to fly as often as we would like. It’s those moments were we get up even for a small flight that remind us that it’s very much a part of who we are. The plane is something we created together and I hope that we can keep maintaining it for many years to come, even if it means only short flights for the next couple of years. The smile it brings on those clear, crisp days happen regardless of the location we are going. So it was just one of those times where we re-evaluated our situation, is this something we want to continue to invest in at this time, and luckily we are planning to keep the plane in our lives. With that, we got to cleaning the plane for an upcoming polish. Next will be finishing the paint job. The projects never end and that’s a good thing!

Also, Monday was Coco’s birthday! She’s a 6 year old and growing up too fast! We gave her special treats, a toy and lots of kisses. She came out to the hanger with us to supervise. 🙂

Today after work I went for an easy run around the neighborhood and ran into my neighbor as she was on her recovery run as well. So we spent a few miles together and caught up on how our latest race adventures. Too bad for her that meant listening to all of my tummy issues with running, but that’s something a fellow runner can understand. Hopefully next time, I will have a better report from my next set of races. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Spit Shine

    1. Oh no! I hope you don’t suffer any tummy troubles in your training or races, it’s a terrible situation. Perhaps get your diet as bland as possible for a bit? I can’t say I’ve found a solid solution yet. Although I’ve removed all dairy from my diet and I do feel some improvement. I hope you feel better soon!


  1. The fact that you guys BUILT a plane is amazing. What a cool experience and maintaining it, although it’s expensive, is incredibly important (I imagine). Amazing!


    1. Oh sweet! It would be so great to hang out with you! Our plane can fly that far, but we haven’t taken it that far yet. It’s time to spread our wings and head further out! 🙂


  2. OMG! I thought your blog had disappeared! I knew I didn’t have you on my blog “list” anymore, but I thought it was b/c you quit writing. I see the format is a bit different now. Anyway, it is so good to know you are still ion here! I’m so sorry!!!!! I’m putting you on my list RIGHT NOW and I’m going back to do some history on you, my friend. 🙂


    1. Oh no worries Rebecca! I’m behind in your blog, plus many others so I have a lot of catching up to do as well. Things have been so hectic that I just haven’t had time to sit and read. I’m so glad to see you are still out racing and being that tough girl I admire! Way to kick butt!!


  3. Great blog. Loved how you included your pug in this latest post. Enjoy your puggie like there’s no tomorrow. One year ago my pug passed away. He had a heart attack and was only 8 year old. Thanks for the great blog.


    1. Oh I’m so sorry about your puggie. 😦 They are such a joy and can understand how hard that must be. I will squeeze and love on Coco extra. She is so precious to us.


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