Run for the Roses


Friday (6/17):

12.9 Bike Interval (P2, L5, 45:00, 17.2 mph), Upper Body Weights

Saturday (6/18):

1.77 Easy (Warm up, 18:12, 10:17 Pace)

15K Race (Steamboat Classic, 1:10:21, 7:33 Pace, 18th Female Overall)

Sunday (6/19):

13.1 Med-Long (‘Hood, 1:51:13, 8:30 Pace)

Monday (6/20):

5 Easy (Recovery, Very Windy, 47:20, 9:28 Pace)

Tuesday (6/21):


Wednesday (6/22):

7.2 LT (Treadmill, 2 Warm Up, 3.25 LT, 2 Cool Down, 1:01:33, 8:30 Pace)

Thursday (6/23):


Friday (6/24):

4 Easy (Treadmill, 34:19, 8:35 Pace)

Saturday (6/25):

2.75 Fartlek (Const Trail, 18:14, 6:38 Pace)

1.94 Easy (Warm up, ISU, 18:14, 9:24 Pace)

3.13 Interval (Track, ISU, 6 x 200s w/200 Jog, 4 x 400s w/400 Jog, 27:30, 8:48 Pace)

2 Easy (Cool Down, ISU, 19:10, 9:35 Pace)

Ah where to begin….it was a long, but productive week. During the week Rob and I both happened to be dressed up at the same time and I got to grab a pic of the occasion.

Drew came to visit twice and we had a nice dinner out and another at home. I had tummy pains mid-week, I suspect I ate something with gluten and paid the price.

Friday after a long day we drove over to my girl Abby’s bday bash. I got in a bit of girl time, but knew I had to get home to run a few miles since I had inadvertently had two rest days with my roller coaster week. Plus the next morning (today) we had to be up early to volunteer at a 5K race. The race was for the McLean County AIDS Task Force to raise funds for their program. Rob and I had planned to do a track workout after volunteering for the race. When we arrived our ORRT store owner and team manager says “Christine you should race this one. Get in a workout and win while you are at it.” Umm…okay, except it’s starting to warm up and I’m in adidas warm up pants (that are a size too big) and my adidas Boston shoes, which are my heavier, easy run shoe. I didn’t have clothes for track since we were planning to run back home later. No matter, they all say “just do it” and I laugh at how silly this will be to race in this attire. I make Rob take my picture for evidence.

I tie my pants as tight as I can and warn Rob that in a race I may lose them mid way. Luckily one of the other fast guys there to volunteer had an extra pair of shorts he could loan me, at least that meant I would fry in the sun.

This race was small, like 15 people small. Plus it’s in a park area that is not closed to the public. I wish more people would have come out, these smaller races are a great place for beginners to get in some racing experience without a ton of pressure. The big downside the course wasn’t marked at all. We all looked at the map before hand and tried to memorize the turns we would take. If you know this area you know there are many turn options so it wasn’t like there were street names to remember. It was more like, around the little pond on the outer loop, around the bigger pond, left at the porta potty type directions. And the course wasn’t even chalked or anyone standing at each turn, it would all be from memory. We found out quickly that when you are racing at a 5K pace, it all starts to look the same. This area is known for 5K course flubs because even when there are volunteers, they can get confused as to which way to direct traffic.

Okay so we take off and I assume lead for mile 1 and my watch beeps a 6:15, not too shabby in heavy arse shoes and random course turning. The guy behind me assumes the lead and I try to stay with him. Before mile 2 he juts to the right and makes a turn I’m 100% is wrong and I press forward. Where he turned he was out of sight and I’m just about to say “wrong way” when a friend behind me says, “we should have turned”. He’s trying to help me and I try to convince him it’s straight, not a right turn yet. And he insists to follow the leader, regardless. Bless his heart for trying to help, but I’m ticked at this point cause I’m certain which way to go and I want to do the course correctly. I’m not mad at our friend, I’m mad at myself for giving in when I knew better. I don’t know how to explain my brain’s logic when I’m in 5K race-mode. It’s just different so in that fraction of time I couldn’t debate the directions. 5K race brain for me feels a bit like being tipsy, my mind can’t process as fast as my body chooses the decision. Mile 2, 6:50, ugh logistics and talking mess it up. So the lead guy is further ahead because I’ve doubled back, there is no catching him and I’m chatting with my friend how I’m certain it will be short and then I try to get back to racing, but all I can think about is speculating how short we will all be. I lay off my pace and a young guy goes by me before we finish. 2.75 on my watch leaving me with a 6:38 avg pace. Since we are only 15 people most follow the group and run the course short. The race director suspected this may happen and places awards as we came in and tells us not to even worry about it. I take first female (3rd overall) and receive a nice trophy. I just wish it would have been the right distance. I’ve been in this situation before and I’m sure it won’t be the last time, so I just have to stop my pout-pants dance and get over it.

All of us runners.

This race has very nice food, lots of cold water and fruit, plus really great raffel prizes. I won a $50 gift certificate from a local florist!

I envision a large bouquet of roses and consider who to send them to or if they will look nice in our house. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks when we were at our track workout. I’m going to donate the gift certificate back to the organization to surprise one or two people that are either in the hospital, going through treatment or something serious and need flowers to brighten their day. That idea washed away the frustration I had with myself for not trusting my gut mid-race mode and put the focus back on to what was important. Running for the roses was all worth it.

Rob and I had a great track workout. We had the company of Mitch and some running friends out there too. Even with my mini-race I hit all of my track times spot on!

We had planned to fly out to Indiana for lunch and shopping, but the weather had other plans. Instead of letting it spoil our day we headed up to Chicago area for shopping up there instead. We got Rob some amazing new shave products and I got a special new purse, Louis Vuitton Artsy MM!! Ahhhhh swoon!!!! 🙂 Then we went to dinner at our favorite place in the area, Braxton’s. The food was outstanding as usual and the service was perfect, they always take such good care of us there.

Fuzzy picture at dinner.

Trying them out in the store is essential. Online the size can be deceiving. MM was the perfect size and I love the soft lining, 6 pockets, 1 zipper pocket, the key ring and D-ring detail, and braided handle. I love everything about this purse!

Outside the restaurant.

And one of it with its huge box and bag! Eeeeee! 😀

A very full and truly amazing day!

7 thoughts on “Run for the Roses

  1. I love your bag and I actually almost bought the same one until I went into the store and saw how LARGE is looked on me! I ended up rethinking and found a bag that I loved better in BLUE!
    Congrats on the great race! 😀


    1. Thanks Lindsay! My other two LVs are smaller so I purposely wanted a larger bag for work and travel. Now I can easily take everything I need.


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