Village of Downs – 5K – 21:33

This race was a hot and melty one. Jo had suggested this race and we were up for it, we always need more speed work. This was a small race of 80-100 or so. The temps were already 85 degrees and very humid. We went out for a mile warm up and were already sweaty. Before we know it we are lined up and heading out. A quarter of a mile in and people who went out too fast fall off. By the first mile I pass a guy and we settle in with Rob and fellow runner Andy leading the way a handful of guys and me as first female. This course was flat with enough turns to keep it interesting, but not enough to be annoying. By the second mile my pace fell off as I melted in the hot temps. We finished with about 300 meters around the high school track. Not a great race time, but it was what I could muster in the heat and good enough for first. Rob came in with 19:33 and was second overall, first in his 30-39 age group! Andy got the win, congrats to Andy!

Afterward we hung out with Jo and our fellow running friends. We cheered on the kids run and handed out popsicles to the kids afterward.

Rob with his medal.

Me with my medal.

Jo and me.



F: 1/?

7 thoughts on “Village of Downs – 5K – 21:33

    1. Thanks Nic! I will shoot you an email, but can tell you here too that it’s a Tiffanys necklace with two sterling silver hearts that Rob got me for a Valentine’s Day one time. I love the dainty style of it and it’s become a part of my race uniform, like a good luck charm. 🙂


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