Park to Park – 5M – 36:11

We had a beautiful mild morning (especially for June) for this race. 65ish degrees a bit of cloud cover and a light breeze. When the sun peaked through though it was warm, but still better than our last race.

The course was new this year, starting just outside of Miller Park and then finishing at the Corn Crib over second base. This added some more hill to the course, but I loved the new finish. I think it’s always fun to run into a stadium or arena.

My lack of speed work and hill work showed during the race. My first two miles were on pace, but then I fell off and my body naturally went back to half marathon pace.

Me feeling the pain.

No PR today for me, but another fun race. I got 1st in my Age Group which was a baseball with the Park to Park race imprinted and a ticket to an upcoming game.

Me and my award.

Drew and Rob



7:14 Pace

F 30-34: 1/61

F: 9/280

Overall: 66/604

After grilling out Rob and I dusted off our mountain bikes and went for a ride to uptown Normal and back.

6 thoughts on “Park to Park – 5M – 36:11

  1. You were awesome! I ran exactly 10 minutes slower than you, but my body is HATING me right now! My legs hurt like crazy and I cannot believe I did not train for that race at all! 😦


  2. Great job! I’d like to run that race just because the name of it. They should have given you a bushel of fresh corn on the cob. Yummy! 🙂


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