2011 Bix – 7M – 54:27

The Bix7 is a race in Davenport, IA and is a world-renowned event that has famous elites in attendance like Meb Keflezighi, who was set to be racing, but had to pull out at the last-minute for an ankle issue that needs to attend to prior to upcoming Olympic Trials.

Rob, Drew and I picked up our packets the night prior and had dinner at Woodfire Grill. While we there we saw Joan Benoit Samuelson and I wish I could have got a picture with her, she is so amazing!

It was an early morning, I had a Hammer Chocolate Chip Cashew Bar and then a Hammer Gel Vanilla 20 minutes prior to the race start. I have to say my stomach is finally feeling better (knock on wood)! I added a link to my site for 15% off a first purchase with my referral code because I have been so happy with their product line.

Us before the race.

The seven mile course is known for it’s grinding hilly terrain. They pack a lot of hills in the short distance and coupled with the heat and humidity of July, it’s an adventurous butt kicking experience.

The first hill was laughable it was so steep, comical really. Like the first climb of a roller coaster, tilted back type feeling. Rob and I were in the first corral. Our friend Ryan was a part of the elite field, which is so awesome! The corral size was pretty large and we didn’t push our way to the front. We hung out in the middle thinking everyone would take off way too quickly and we wouldn’t have any issue plugging away at the first hill. That was actually a bad decision. The gun goes off and we are in the midst of a shuffle that was moving too slow. Rob and I dodge and weave, both realizing that getting to the front of the corral would have been the better way to go.

.3ish mile in and we are back to flat. 18,000 participants on a residential street cause a tight squeeze. It was a blurry mix of crowd and up and down terrain. On the turn around I could see the elites coming by and even caught of glimpse of Ryan and gave him a shout of encouragement. I tried to find Rob in the mix, but missed him in all the commotion of trying to run and not trip on the mass people.

The course is lined with spectators the whole way. Great music, people tailgating, it was a lot like a longer distance race. The temps were melting, but considered mild compared to previous years. It still didn’t stop me from pouring water on myself. At water stops I would grab a cup, take a sip and dump the remainder on myself for that brief moment of cooling.

About mile 4.5 I hear people shouting for Bill Rodgers. He’s out on the course. Rob and I saw him at USAF Half Marathon running the 10K, but this was my chance to run alongside a legend. I got the chance to say to him “Bill you are a running legend, thank you so much for being here. You are such an inspiration.” He said “thanks” and then encouraged everyone around us to stay hydrated and drink water. I got to run with him for about a half mile until he stopped to walk through a next water stop.

Then at mile 6 the road widened and the crowed thinned out. When the downhill came it was like a ski jump and I faced the speed and forced myself to go with it than hold back. I was passing people left and right, flying down the hill to the finish.

Dying in the heat to the finish.

It was such a fun race and I would put this on a must-race list if you haven’t yet. It was just so unique and memorable. The only downside was there was no medal! How is that possible? I would have paid a few more bucks to see that happen, so I was sad to have have a medal to show for such a fun race.

Sweaty and wet from sprayers and dumping water on ourselves.

Afterward we changed clothes and grabbed a bloody mary at a local pub.




F 30-34: 21/781

11 thoughts on “2011 Bix – 7M – 54:27

  1. Longtime lurker here — congratulations! You are so fast. Love your pics and recaps.

    I think I saw your headband at an expo recently. It’s so pretty. I was going to buy one for myself but I have a hard time finding headbands that will stay in place.

    Do you feel like the Hammer gels are easier on your stomach than other gels? I’ve been using Clif and Gu gels, and I get side stitches easily. I’m wondering if a switch will do me good.


    1. Hey Sesa! Thanks for posting! I love the patterns of sweatybands headbands, but I’ve accidentally washed them with my running clothes before and they will eventually lose their tightness. I love the sparkly bands so much that I will even clip them underneath on the elastic, just because I love them so much.

      Gus and Gels are a funny thing. Some work better than others, so you need to experiment. What’s funny to is sometimes you can go a year with a product working well for you and then all of a sudden it doesn’t anymore. I would try other items, but I can’t say that Hammer or any other product will work better or not, it’s all trial and error. Good luck! Keep me posted on any products you find that work for you!


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