Rock and Roll Chicago Expo

I’m trying out something new, I’m writing this post from Blogsy for the iPad. Anyone use this product? It may take me some getting used to.

Friday Rob, Drew and I drove up to Chicago to do packet pick up for Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon.

First we stopped at Grand Luxe and Trader Joe’s. Drew had never been to either so he got to see how awesome TJoe’s is!

Then we headed to the Expo. It was a standard Rock and Roll Expo, nothing new. We did pick up a new Spibelts and I got a couple more Sweaty Bands. I will be adding both of these to my favorites section of the blog with info about them.

After the Expo it was time for our tradition of running by the lake. We already paid for parking so we always change clothes and then head out on the path along the lake for an easy run. This time we even stopped at Navy Pier for a drink. I only had a couple sips of Bloody Mary because it wasn’t stellar. The drinks are overpriced and nothing amazing, but it was all about chillin with the wolf pack.

We got a couple pics along the way.

Rob and Drew flexin for the camera.

I got the Spibelt so I could carry a couple times when I’m out for an easy run, especially in an area away from home. The belt was so slim and not bulky that I may consider wearing it more often. We got the water resistant model to help improve the times we bring items we don’t want to get wet, but I will still put items in a ziploc baggie to be certain.

Then we headed home so Saturday Rob and I could attend spin class, run and pack for the race.

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