Before I get into how the Chicago Marathon didn’t go as I hoped. Let me start with Saturday. The day before the race was a great day. I ran my 4 Easy around the neighborhood. My hamstring was still tight and I know that there will be some miles that I will have to fight for, the question would be how many. I feel ready to face it and actually still hopeful for a PR. Sometimes magic can happen and the pain or soreness can go away after some warm up miles or the hype from the race makes the pain feel more tolerable. I am still positive that things will go well.

We head up to Chicago and make time for a little shopping! Rob and I go into Tiffany’s and we see their line call Sparklers. Rob had wanted to get me one for a while and now we had a chance to see it in person. It truly earns its name. We couldn’t resist and Rob got me the 8.5 carat lavender amethyst in 18K rose gold. It has just such a light color and still a warmth with the rose gold band. I love the color!

I try to convince Rob that I will run a faster Chicago Marathon if I get to wear it during the race, he didn’t go for it. So I feel really hopeful that I will have fast legs race day to get me back to my Sparkler. 🙂

After shopping Rob and I met up with Drew and Carrie for a relaxing dinner. Up next the race…..

Updated September 23,2012 with more photos that have been requested.

The “Tiffany & Co.” engraving is on the two sides of the basket. It is very subtle and shows up in this picture because we took pictures in macro mode.

The stone measures just under a half of an inch.

11 thoughts on “Sparkler

  1. First of all that ring is gorgeous and you are so lucky to have someone like Rob. Second your beautiful and it is only fair that something on your finger compares to the beauty that you are 😉


  2. Thanks guys! I do feel really blessed and a bit spoiled. I do love that jewlery is something I will wear forever, I’ll be an old lady sporting this ring! 🙂


  3. Hi, I was wondering if this would be a good engagement ring?My gf LOVES(&the idea of having and amethyst ring) amethyst since she was born on Feb.She would much rather have this than something that cost $5000 and its one of those typical engagement ring and they are small! What do you ladies think? should I go for my price range or something that she really wants and would love to wear? I really want to get her the traditional Diamond ring, but with my price range, it’t not going to have that WOW factor. She also loves the idea of it being less than that I am aiming for. But Im torn. I dont know what to do.


    1. Personally I would be completely jazzed to get a Tiffanys Sparkler Amethyst as my engagement ring. I love both classic and unique pieces of jewlery and I think Tiffanys hit it out of the park in both depts with this ring. It’s absolutely gorgeous on and I love wearing it. It’s very large and everyone notices it and comments on it. You will know her style best to know if this is something she would love. Being proposed to is the best part, the ring is just the icing on the cake so no matter what she will be so happy I’m sure!


  4. I was just google searching this ring and came across your post. On the website the ring has tiffanys written along one side. Is this prominent? Is it on both sides? How big is the stone in mm? The nearest store is six hours from me so I just want as much info before making a trip. Thanks so much.


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