Marathon for Fun

Have you ever done a marathon (or other distance race) for fun? Maybe just get in miles or just to get in a hill workout?

Rob and I are doing a marathon for fun this Friday. Not just any marathon, a prediction marathon called the Screaming Pumpkin that starts at night and ends at midnight! You start anytime after 6pm, your start time is based on your guess to complete the marathon by midnight. You get no timing or electronic devices during the run. The course is chipped, but you have no clock for reference. The person who finishes closest to midnight without going over wins! What a fun concept!

And this course is no joke. It’s a hilly 6.5ish mile course that we will run the 4 times until we get to 26.2. This course is the same as the IVS Half Marathon, which for now Rob and I view as the most challenging set of hills we have faced.

Plus it will be DARK, in a cemetery, and they will have people dressed up and scaring us. There will be glow sticks in the ground guiding our way and marking any bad road conditions. We will have glow sticks with us running and headlamps (if they allow them).

Runners are encouraged to dress in costume, but I think Rob and I will be going as plain old runners. We will also be running the course at an easy pace, just really enjoying the adventure.

We have to work Friday so we will also be running the marathon after a long day at the office, making it all the more interesting. I’m going to need some coffee to try to keep perked up!

Last night we went to pick up our packets and race goodies. This race has some great swag. They gave us Mizuno winter gloves and we got to pick the size that fit us, not a “one size offered” situation.

And a very cool long sleeved tech shirt, with women’s cut option.

AND a Mizuno winter jacket! It is very nice and comfy! The zipper is orange, but the flash made it look more yellow in the picture.

The logo up close.

19 thoughts on “Marathon for Fun

  1. That IS some nice swag. My husband and I along with two friends did the Screaming Pumpkin Marathon Relay back in 2009. Still one of our favorite races to date. It had just enough spookiness to it, to get the blood really pumping.

    Have a great time & good luck!


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