And So It Begins…

Monday (12/12):


Tuesday (12/13):

9 Miles LT w/4 @ LT (Treadmill, 1:12:27, 8:03 Pace)

This week starts 18 weeks of training for 2012 Boston Marathon!! I’m using the Pfitz 18/70+ training plan for this cycle because I’ve really enjoyed it in the past. It is funny that the kick off day of the training (Monday) isn’t running at all. It’s a cross training night. I chose to do weightlifting at the gym. It’s amazing how quickly strength goes away for me if I’m not consistent. It basically feels like starting at square one again.

At least it’s the beginning of a new training cycle, I can’t wait for this to really kick off and get my butt kicked in some workouts!

12 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. Yay! Let the countdown begin, the Fitz schedule looks real challenging. I thought about it but don’t think I have the experience to follow it yet. Maybe once I have a successful Boston under my belt.


      1. In the end I decided to invent my own plan based on 2 other marathon training efforts (one which resulted in my BQ, the other which resulted in a broken foot 6 weeks out from Boston last year). I started following my “plan” 9 weeks ago but really just to help me build a nice and consistent base, as well as work out any potential pitfalls (like sleeping enough). Now at the 18 week mark I am really onto the marathon specific plan, and building mileage.

        I am going to start doing Yasso 800’s every 12-14 days (that’s the plan anyway), I have never done them, or any other very regimented speed work before, I am equal parts excited and terrified!


      2. Sounds like you found a good balance between plans. Yasso’s are great for marathon training and benchmarking your fitness! I’m fairly new to speed work and I understand your fear. Here are some tips I learned from my experienced teammates: make sure your warm ups and cool downs are SLOW (crazy slow), careful with the amount of solid food you have before a speed workout (I don’t eat solids at least 2-3hrs prior, and take liquid fuel from Hammer), make sure to get elecroyltes from drinks for the hard workout, make sure to get protien/sugar within 30 mins after your cool down (chocolate milk, recovery drink, or greek yogurt), and make sure to stretch after your warm up. It’s very challenging, but so rewarding. I think I have some posts about my track workouts if you do a search. Can’t wait to hear about your speed work! 🙂


  2. I feel the same way about weight lifting. I’ve slacked off on the whole lifting thing for the last couple months and I feel like I lost all my strength! I am really trying to make sure I lift at least 2x’s a week.

    I am starting my Boston training January 1st! Although, mine won’t be nearly as difficult as your or as my training plans in the past. Being pregnant, I am just hoping to be able to finish in the official time of 6 hours!!


    1. With being pregnant, do you anticipate replacing some of your weight lifting with yoga sessions? Wasn’t sure if that’s more gentle, while getting in strengthening. That will be so amazing to be doing Boston pregnant. I hope we get to meet up when we are there!


  3. Awesome, I just started my 18 week training as well, but I’m not as experienced for the Pfitz. I looked it up and saw you should be at 40m base, I was happy with my 30! Good luck to you in your training, I’ll be following along 🙂


  4. Your blog is incredible! I found you through my friend. I love how motivated you are and getting to see all the race pictures! You look really happy. 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll be doing my 2nd half marathon soon, maybe one day I’d be able to keep up with you.


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