Core Energy

adidas has the 2012 Boston Marathon gear available starting today! The color is called “core energy”. In running, I love bold colors so this is perfect. I’ve already placed my purchase of the jacket and the 1/2 zip fleece.

adidas Women’s 2012 Boston Marathon Jacket

I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up getting two like I did last year. You know, backup for a Boston Marathon jacket emergency. 😉 I think I bought two of everything last year, so why not do the same this time around. 😉

2 thoughts on “Core Energy

  1. Fun fun fun!! Hopefully someday I will have a good reason to buy one of those!! (i.e. i will run in the Boston marathon!!) Good luck! Even though its still far away!!
    Love your header by the way! Is that new or am i just slow??


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