Cha Cha Cha Chia

Rob and I love to read books on our iPad and I’ve just finished Dean Karnazes‘ book “Run!”. It’s a MUST read for runners. Dean has such a conversational writing style and the insane adventures he gets into are so inspiring. The man is a machine. We were able to see him speak at Illinois State University October 2010.

We were also fortune to get to meet him at the 2011 Chicago Marathon Expo. He was so kind and engaging, really wanting to get to know everyone that came to see him. He had just a calm and happy demeanor, like talking to a friend instead of meeting a celebrity. In the short time speaking with him and having him sign our bibs you could see how he is in the moment and cherishes every interaction.

Rob is in the middle of reading “Born to Run” and has mentioned on multiple occasions that I need to pick it up next. In the book they highlight the power of the Chia seed. Chia seeds are apparently a superfood that can offer up great health benefits to everyone, especially runners. For a seed, it’s super rich in Omega 3s and protein. One ounce can contain 9% of one’s daily protein intake (for a 2,000 cal diet), 13% of healthy fats, and 42% of one’s daily fiber, plus it also packs a punch of vitamins. Details about the seed can be found here.

Since it’s a seed still in its natural state and not some man-made potion I’m interested in giving it a try and adding it to our diet. I’ve ordered two pounds of the stuff and it sounds like it can be steeped to make tea, baked into breads, and added to smoothies. I have started research on chia seed recipes in anticipation of it arriving on my doorstep. If you have any chia seed recipes to share, please let me know! ๐Ÿ™‚ Once I get some time trying the seed out I will post thoughts on incorporating it into drinks and foods.

What running related books are you reading at the moment? Anything to recommend?


10 thoughts on “Cha Cha Cha Chia

  1. I love that you haev mentioned chia seeds and the book ‘born to run’. I have the book at home and was going to save it for after I deliver the baby. I have also been told great things about chia seeds by a number of people who read that book. I think I will try to get myself some! and I think I will start reading the book now. Why wait.


  2. I read “Born to Run” recently and have been *so* curious about the chia seeds. As you know, I’m not an early adopter ๐Ÿ˜‰ so I’m really glad that you and Rob are trying them first! I pinned a recipe to my Pinterest boards recently … it was basically just adding chia seeds to your Green Monster smoothie! I’m looking for more recipes!


  3. I’ve been on the “Chia bandwagon” for a little while now…. they give me LOTS of energy! I just eat them straight up or mix into yogurt or cereal, drink lots of water with them, and literally I am buzzing w/ energy.


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