Not an Easy Decision

If you are a regular reader of my blog or a friend of ours you know that I’ve been on the Often Running Racing Team for the last two seasons. It’s been an amazing opportunity that I never could have even imagined possible when I started running back in 2007. Because I came from no running background being on the team had extra meaning to me and with that I put pressure on myself to always bring my best to each race.

However, over the last year my health and schedule has made it hard to get in a good training cycle. It’s affected my blogging, I’ve been a slacker in posting to the blog because I hate feeling negative and I like to keep the blog as positive as possible. Then I started to dread some of my training runs, knowing that they feel completely miserable. 

So eventually I realized that I need to recognize that running may not be something I do competitively right now. I need to be able to let my running and racing happen as it fits my schedule and address my health issues. I need to fall back in love with running than it feeling like a “job” that I suck at.  It was so hard to admit that this is something I’m going through and that it wasn’t going to go away with one race or a training cycle.

I respect what the team stands for and I want them to have someone who can fulfill the duties to the fullest. I look forward to seeing them at the races and cheering them on. They continue to improve and amaze me every season. Thank you to ORRT and adidas for supporting me not only in my racing seasons, but also with this difficult decision.

7 thoughts on “Not an Easy Decision

  1. I hope everything is okay, Christine. You have me a little worried with “health issues.” Whatever is going on, I am proud of you for taking a step back to get healthy. I know there are good things in store for you, not just as a runner, but as an incredible PERSON!


  2. Keep your head up and take care of yourself. You are an awesome runner who has certainly inspired and motivated me to make it happen. Your progress and your accomplishments have been amazing. I’ll send positive thoughts your way as you continue to heal up!!


  3. I use to read your blogs all the time …You need to take care of yourself first and I am glad that you are doing it …Good luck and best wishes for whatever you want to do…!!!


  4. Miss CJ, This “Job that you suck at” I appologize for the next statement, but you don’t suck and if you think you do, your a fool! We your readers love ya! Your health is the most important, so for us and mostly YOU and ROB…GET BETTER. I love this blog and it is something that has litterally changed my life for the better. My weight and this running thing, I have started to get addictted to. So what you forget a blog post, or you feel you just didn’t run your best. It’s all good! Just get better…please! And have fun!


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