There She Is…

I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting. I know for me it was needed. Rob and I took a much-needed vacation to Chicago and have been busy work and home projects. My running has felt stale for months. I really didn’t feel like it was anything worth writing about, to the point I was questioning if I have anything blog worthy to share.

Then in the past couple weeks my running started to change. Some of my paces have started to feel easier and I don’t feel as stale. More important than hitting a particular time, the smile that running brings has finally come back. Enjoying running again feels so great.

Yesterday I had my 22 Mile run on the treadmill with the Boston Marathon course and I thought “there she is…”, there is the old me, the old happiness that I remember. It was enough to decide that while my training and paces may not be noteworthy, that I will keep blogging because I always plan to have something to share about the races themselves and our adventures along the way.

I’m glad the happiness has come back in time for our trip to run Rock and Roll New Orleans. I hope to have lots to share about that this weekend! 🙂

Thanks for the posts telling me to hang in there and to keep at it. I really appreciate all of the support!

4 thoughts on “There She Is…

    1. Hey Hollie! Thanks for the well wishes! The race didn’t go well, but I’m meeting with a specialist about my stomach to see what my options are to get some relief. I hope things are well with you!


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