Easy Peasy

This week of training has been all about the easy running and my final long run of 20 miles.

Easy running can sometimes be tricky, it really is all about feel. I can go out for one easy run and feel light as air and the next day my legs feel like dead tree stumps and it feels like I have no muscles to move forward. All I can do is hold on in those moments no matter how slow they are and endure. Much like a race there may be moments or miles that may feel like that and it’s about giving what you can and knowing that the easy feeling will come back and may just be around the corner. Luckily mine came on my last long run before the Boston Marathon and I felt the spring in my step that had been missing the day before.

In running reading news, Runners World has some great Boston Marathon information posted that just gets me all jazzed up for the race.

In running shopping news I must mention our Hammer Nutrition order. Can you tell we are a fan of the Endurolyte Fizz Tabs??

Friday Drew came over and brought with him this running movie, “Unbreakable”. It’s a movie about the 2010 Western States 100 and the top males competing to not only win, but set a new course record. You don’t have to be an ultra runner (I’m not) or a trail race fan (yeah not that either really) to enjoy this movie. I think even non-runners will enjoy this face paced documentary. It was one of those movies that gets in your bones and makes you want to get out there moving, much like “The Spirit of the Marathon”. I may have to get this one so I can watch it at least a 100 times in a row.

Sunday I got in 8 miles easy that felt so wonderful in the sunshine, it got up to over 80 degrees today, love it! Then after house chores Rob and I jumped on the trainers to ride and I found out that my computer’s battery was dead, boo! So I ended up riding lightly for 30 minutes with no data. I love being able to log my workouts no matter how small they are so I must get a new battery pronto!

I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to enjoy good weather where you are!

3 thoughts on “Easy Peasy

  1. Oh my stars. I have actually been wondering if those fizzy tabs are good! Thank you for clearing the air!

    We had awful weather yesterday but thank god (I just looked out the window)-the weather is good today ha!


  2. I’ve never seen a fizzy tab (but obviously you recommend them!) I am just getting into fueling for long runs and recovery so looking to try new things. Exciting leading up to Boston! Hope your taper is going well.


  3. That’s a serious fueling order! I’ve been wanting to try those instead of Nuun, just for something new. Can’t believe Boston is almost here. I will be living vicariously through all of you awesome racers. 🙂


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