It’s the Final Countdown

Cue Europe cause it’s the final countdown!! 12 Days until the Boston Marathon, but even before the marathon there are so many other items like Team Steam training nights, Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon, dinner with my parents, get ready for Easter, packing to leave, Boston Red Sox game, Boston 5K and hopefully some meet up with friends in Beantown….whew! I think my lists have lists at this point.

Yesterday I had 8 Miles with 6 @ Tempo (7:35 pace) on the treadmill and that went well. Tonight was Team Steam night. Drew wasn’t able to make the training session so the wolf pack was running solo tonight.

I’m not from the area so I don’t know anyone so I planned to chill and just wait it out until we got our training instructions. Instead I got surprised and saw Jamie, another local runner that I met at past races. Us at a local half marathon last year.

I haven’t seen her in awhile so it was so nice to catch up on our training, recent races, and planned races for the year. This is her first year doing this Team Steam program too.

The weather was very mild and a bit chilly. Tonight everyone was going to be doing the same workout: an intro hill route at their own pace. The group got going with a quick warm up and then we had 2 laps of a training loop that was approximately 2.5 Miles. It included the first big part of the hill that we will traverse on race day. While running I got to chat with another lady and guy and swapped stories of past marathons. I have to say I loved the hill workout. I made sure to take it easy for Boston. Even being conservative it felt good to work out on the hill, my muscles were immediately burning.

Time passed by so quickly and it felt like a productive workout. I’m looking forward to our next session!

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