2012 Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon – 1:41:39

This morning was the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon in Springfield, IL. Rob and I reluctantly got up at 4am when sleeping in sounded so good. We surprisingly got ready quickly without having anything laid out ahead of time the night before. Before I know it we were loaded into the car with our coffee and drove the hour to get there. They offer packet pick up race day, which is a nice feature, but we came down last night to get our bib numbers and to meet my parents for dinner.

I don’t recall getting a race shirt last year, so if this is a new addition on their race I would say ‘no thanks’. The color and design are not my style, so this will go in the donate pile or become a throw away shirt in a future race (which still gets donated).

Parking is super easy and free at this race. We were in the parking deck by the start/finish area and chilling out before the start. We ran into many familiar faces and chatted it up before heading out for our warm up. For some of our friends this was their first time at this event and for some this would be their first half marathon. The course goes around historic sites, the capital building, beautiful parks and homes along the way. The race has portions of crushed pea gravel and brick pavers. Also, there are hills starting around mile 6. My memory of this course last year was incorrect. I think I was too focused on dealing with stomach issues and a bathroom stop and in my delirium, I forgot some of the hills. I thought they were done by mile 9, but they continued up until around mile 11.5.

The temperature was very mild, around 45 degrees, sunny and the lightest breeze. Just absolutely perfect! My plan was to run around half marathon pace for as many miles as my legs would let me. As soon as we got into the hills my pace was more full marathon pace range.

I let auto lap run so these don’t match the mile markers exactly, but here are the splits on my watch:

Mile 1 – 7:10 (whoops a little excited to be out)

Mile 2 – 7:18

Mile 3 – 7:23 (okay finally simmered down)

Mile 4 – 7:22

Mile 5 – 7:30

Mile 6 – 7:20

Mile 7 – 7:53 (hills slow me down and I realize I’ll be in full marathon range pace, but I feel good)

Mile 8 – 7:48

Mile 9 – 7:52 (took Hammer Vanilla Gel)

Mile 10 – 7:53

Mile 11 – 7:57

Mile 12 – 8:06

Mile 13 – 7:52

.1 – 7:09 pace

My stomach had ZERO issues!! Not a blip, not even afterward! Plus my legs feel really good! I’m so excited that the effort felt manageable and it felt like I might be able to regain some of my fitness. I’m so happy to be out racing with no tummy troubles and to be able to enjoy races again!

This race is known for their finisher’s medal and I’m happy that has not changed. The medal once again did not disappoint.



2012 Stats:


7:46 Pace

Overall: 141/1,431

F: 28/764

F 35-39: 4/126


5 thoughts on “2012 Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon – 1:41:39

  1. Great job! Glad to hear your stomach didn’t give you any issues! I’d love to do this half sometime. My dad is a big Abe Lincoln buff, so not that I’d ever get him to do a half, but maybe I could talk him into coming down to spectate 🙂


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