2012 BAA 5K – 23:25

This morning we got up at 6am to get ready for the BAA 5K race. The race was at 8am and it was very easy logistically to get some coffee, a banana and then get over to the start in Boston Common. The weather was about 60 degrees with the highs forecasted in the mid-70s for the day.

Heading out to the race.

We had time to get a few pictures while we waited.

The race size was about 6,000 runners and while they had suggested paces to line up to everyone just lined up where ever they felt like it. Since this was going to be a fun run for Rob and I it was no biggie to us. We were fine with having to run around people and weren’t worried about keeping a particular pace.

Looking towards the start.

Behind us.

Before we knew it we were off. We ran conservative and looked for openings to move ahead. We were able to break through the groups of people and find space after the first mile. There were some good inclines in the race that stayed made a sort of loop around the area. There were a lot of beautiful homes and historic statues to enjoy along the way. At 1.5 mile Rob said “I’m loving running this with you so much and it’s already halfway over”. I agreed, it was so nice to be out running through Boston and I’m so glad we added this event to our trip. We made our final turn from Dalton to Boylston just like the marathon will tomorrow. Rob got to see first hand the feeling of coming through the finish. The finish just gets you unlike any other race. We passed a few more people and were in with a 23:25 holding hands and smiling. 🙂

They handed us a nice medal and a goodie bag with G2, fruit and other treats, not bad for a 5K!



7:34 Pace

Overall: 844/5253

F: 195/2973

F 35-39: 28/452

After the race we headed back for coffee and to get ready to go to the Red Sox game! More about that soon!

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