2012 Boston Marathon Expo

After a really good sleep Rob and I still got up fairly early to get in a run before our busy day began. We decided to check out the exercise room of our hotel since Rob will be doing a long run on the treadmill Monday morning while I am racing. The fitness facility was really nice and I got in 6 miles easy.

Then we got showered and headed out the door to the expo. We decided to walk the ~3 miles to the expo since it was so nice out and we could take pictures along the way.

We got to the area and realized we needed to get moving if we were going to make our lunch reservations at the Barking Crab. We hustled through bib and shirt pick ups for the Marathon and the 5K we would both be running on Sunday.

After collecting my bib and shirt we got our 5K bibs and shirts. The merchandise area of the expo was mayhem. They had a section set up right after bib/shirt pickup that was very tight. It seemed to have a limited selection and luckily a nice employee informed us that the major booth was at the center of the expo and this was just a smaller set up with limited stuff. This helped save us some time because we had a lunch reservation to get to. We made our way to the larger adidas store area and grabbed the few things I had my eye on.

Since we are tight on time we went to lunch and came back afterward to take a couple of pictures before leaving.

The Barking Crab was PHENOMINAL!!!! One of the best meals we have ever had!! We had a reservation, but if you are fine with getting there at open at 11:30 you may be able to get a sit with little waiting. This place is super popular and we see why.

The bloody mary was unique and was lighter in taste, but had bits of crab in it, which is an outstanding idea!

The chowder was very good!

The oysters were the BEST EVER!!!!

And then finally, literally the best food EVER EVER EVER. The naked lobster roll!! Holy crap is it good!!!

We met a nice couple seated at our picnic table. After chatting with them we rolled ourselves back to the expo for a couple more pictures.

Then we took advantage of Nike’s free trolly rides back to Niketown in Back Bay.

After a little shopping we got back to the hotel at 3pm to chill for an hour. Here is the BAA 5K and Boston Marathon gear.

And the item I bought. The Supernova Sequencials Jacket. Rob spotted this and said it would be a sweet jacket, I agree!

Supernova Short, I normally wear small in shorts, but these just seemed tiny on the hanger. I panicked and bought medium without trying them on and they are way too big and floaty looking. I will try wearing them with the waistband rolled, but the style just doesn’t work for me after all and I probably won’t by this style again. I do like that they feel very light weight.

The adiZero singlet. I love the lightweight feel and the design. The singlet is longer than I’m used to, but I think I like that. The arm area is cut and looks funny on me, but I can deal with that. Overall I’m happy this singlet.

I LOOOOOOVE the Climacool Speed Backpack and would say that other than the official Boston Marathon Jacket, this bag was my favorite purchase. The bag has so many pockets and compartments. It is streamlined and smaller than past adidas bags that I’ve had. This is just a great bag with well thought out design and is something we will carry for years to come so it seems like a great investment.

Last year I got a water bottle and I used it often. Unfortunately I dropped it in a parking lot and it caused the aluminum to dent on the bottom so it doesn’t sit flat anymore. This time I thought I would try out the coffee mug since my water bottle still technically still works.

And the pilsner glass. Maybe in the future Rob and I will have a larger set of these. I would like one for every year we get to race. I also got a pin and patch (not pictured).

After a quick rest, we met up with Alaina and David for a walk and some pastry at Modern.Rob and I got to take the train for the first time through Boston and I’m glad Alaina was there to navigate for us.

Then Rob and I took a walk before having dinner at Union Oyster House. The oysters were good as usual and then we tried something new, the Union Lobster Special. A baked lobster stuffed with seafood stuffing. Delicious, as expected!

Then it was time to head home to get to bed early so we could get up for the BAA 5K and then to the Boston Red Sox game.

13 thoughts on “2012 Boston Marathon Expo

  1. I think I may have seen you and your husband before the start of the 5K this morning? Were you wearing red shirts that said Shamrock Shuffle on them? I thought about coming over to say hi, but felt embarassed, not to mention that it my husband, who was with me, would have found it a little bit weird me talking to someone I “knew” but never actually met in person!

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of your time in Boston, and good luck tomorrow! PS. Good choice on Modern for the pastry! I grew up in and still live in the area where Mike’s and Modern are located, and we always say tourists go to Mike’s to get their cannoli because they don’t know any better, those who are in the know go to Modern instead! Actually, they both have good pastry,but we find Modern to be the better of the two!


      1. Marathon tomorrow? Don’t I wish, but at present that’s kind of right up there with climbing Mt. Everest! I just started a running program again last year and this time I was able to stick with it. My dad has run Boston several times in the past, and its something I hope I will be able to do someday.For now running in public is limited to 5Ks, but I am hoping to work my way up to longer distances later in the year – there is a half marathon in Newport in October that I would love to be able to do! I did knock 30 seconds off my PR for the 5K today, so I was pretty happy. Again, good luck tomorrow, and be careful in the heat!


      2. That is excellent! Congrats on your PR! Well if you’ve seen my posts I just got into running a few years ago and can’t believe how much it was taken off since I began. It’s such a wonderful adventure!I hope your training goes well and you enjoy the training process!


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