2012 IL Marathon – 3:46:03

Race takeaway: I am a Marathon Maniac!

Race morning we were up at 4am and awoke to thunderstorms. They were expected to be over by the start of the race. The race would be cooler, 45-ish degrees with wind in 18mph range. I didn’t get a picture before the race, but I wore Swiftwick black long calf compression socks, black Nike tempo shorts, adidas Adios II in red, adidas black longsleeved shirt with thumbholes (love this shirt), and adidas Boston Marathon singlet in the “Core Energy” color, and sparkling red headband.

We were dressed and ready to go with no problem, except we were out of coffee?! Grrrr!!! That meant an unplanned stop at Starbucks, adding 20-30 minutes onto our drive with the going through town and getting coffee. I’m an advocate for get there early and wait out the race. I would rather have time to wait around than stress about parking, bathroom lines, etc. Plus we had our friends, Lisa and Chris’ race packets so I was stressed about finding them and getting them their bibs.

We made good time, but got hung up in traffic bottleneck to park. We were finally parked and able to hand off race packets by 6:15am. The race starts at 7am, that was WAY too close for me. That meant hustling to the bathroom in Assembly Hall. As expected the ladies line was long and there was virtually no line for the dudes bathroom. So I bravely announced my presence, hid my eyes and went to the men’s room. One other brave lady went with me. The guys paid us no mind and we were in and out super fast. Rob and I then quickly headed towards the start line and they began the national anthem. We’ve NEVER cut a race this close. We said our goodbyes got in our corrals (Rob A, me B), double knotted my laces and we were off!

So I had many thoughts regarding how to run this marathon being my first time running marathons 13 days apart. My legs felt good, but I had no idea how I would manage through the miles to come.

My first goal was to Marathon Maniac no matter what. Which just meant finish any pace or any way possible. In the back of my mind was a BQ. Sub 3:40 was in my mind, but getting a BQ doesn’t guarantee Boston Marathon entry. The registration process can be crazy. People who BQ close to the qualifying time have been shut out of entry due to high demand so I didn’t want to put too much pressure on it. Instead I decide to run conservative and just see how I felt and if BQ happened, it happened.

Again this is all an experiment of one. I’m sure everyone would have their own approach to the situation. I wanted to see for me personally how running in an 8 min or sub-8 felt. I was at the half in 1:46 and had felt good. For the first half I had no kinks or pain, but then around mile 14 it’s like my energy was gone. I wasn’t hurting, just felt like I couldn’t move faster so I just was like “Okay, I’m getting that Maniac no matter what” and I just focused on keeping my effort up as much as I could. Around mile 18 my glutes and hips got tight, but I was able to keep moving forward. I was actually surprised by my time because based on how I was feeling I was suspecting to finish more around 3:55-ish.

When I came across the finish line I saw Rob waiting for me and I burst into tears of joy. I finished in 3:46 I told Rob “Last year I said I would do this race after Boston and I did it! I’m so proud!” Rob was also happy with his marathon, his second fastest time of 3:30. He was very happy with his time considering he hasn’t had the training time like past marathons.

I was really sore right afterward in the hips, but we managed to hobble our way back to the car to drive home. We had to hurry and get ready to leave for a wedding out of town. We were in such a rush I didn’t get one picture before or after the race, boo! Luckily we made it to the wedding in time and got to hang out with our friends.

Blurry pics from my phone of us at the wedding.

Us with Drew (who was the Best Man).

And finally I got a picture of me with all three medals.

Marathon #9 complete!

Marathon Maniac – Bronze Level complete!



8:38 Pace

2010 – IL Marathon

16 thoughts on “2012 IL Marathon – 3:46:03

    1. Hey Jamie! I was still feeling some sinus stuff Tuesday and wasn’t feeling up to Team Steam. And Thursday I couldn’t make it because of an out of town work thing. I managed to get in some light miles this week and am feeling alright. I will be there this coming week! Can’t wait to hear about the workouts you guys did!


  1. Crazy! That is very impressive! Maniacs are all the rage in Seattle where I used to live. I believe they started there. I’m super impressed with Marathon Maniacs. Great work!


    1. Oh fun! I look forward to sporting a shirt around. Nice to have another running accomplishment checked off the list. 🙂 I hope your training is going well! You are truly amazing!


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