2012 April Recap

Just a few days late on stats for April, but I want to try to get back to doing a monthly recap. I hope to include my workout statistics and some highlights each month.

2012 April Stats:

Running –  159.4 Miles, Time 23:09:15

As expected my running mileage overall on a marathon month drops due to taper and recovery. This month was twice as light because it was my first time completing two marathons in two weeks. What is not cool is how I’ve let strength training drop off. I have to make an effort to keep strength training activities as important as running sessions. Hopefully these monthly status posts will help keep it in the front of my mind because I will be reporting on it.

2012 April Running Highlights:

Ah so many for April, but here are a few that bubble up to the top.

My first no tummy issue race! And every race since! Woo hoo!!!!

Boston Marathon – of course you knew I would say that! 😀

Getting to hang out with Natalie! I can’t imagine the Boston Marathon without time with her!

BAA 5K run with Rob – such a fun way to see the Boston Common area together

Rob and I at a Boston Red Sox game, seeing them win and getting to sing “Sweet Caroline”

Running IL Marathon 5K with Rob as a fun run.

Running the IL Marathon 2 weeks after Boston, making me a Marathon Maniac!


One of my favorite hill workouts was with Team Steam doing hill ladders. I hope we get to do this one again!

2012 April Other Highlights:

Best Lobster (maybe meal) Ever!! Barking Crab Naked Lobster Roll – Boston, MA

Meeting up with Alaina in Boston. She is so nice and makes us feel like Bostonians by taking us around the area.

I went back to being blonde. Change of pace for a while.

Our friend Kelsey got married! Us with the Best Man Drew! 🙂

Planning to plan – that’s the best way to sum it up. Rob and I have some new adventures picked out for running, flying, the house and such. As plans start to solidify I will begin posting about them, so more to come! I’m very excited to have some new things on our horizon!

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