I Need a Decoder Ring

My legs have been feeling good since IL Marathon. I did some light miles last week between our hectic schedules and the only soreness that remains is my pesky right piriformis. I’m doing the stretches I got from my previous work with a physical therapist.

I’m seeing improvement, but if it doesn’t completely go away in this coming week I’ll get time scheduled to look at Graston’s treatments again to get it knocked out.

Last night was Team Steam workout and I was stoked to get back to it after taking last week off from the team workouts. Last Tuesday I was still sick from sinus stuff so I decided to keep my workout light and indoors at home and Thursday I had to travel for work.

After our warm up we hit the track for doing 400M @ 5KRP or better w/recovery partnered. Jamie and I partnered up for the workout. Basically we alternated running 400M and each got to rest when the other was out running. I ended up with 9 intervals. It was a crowded track so there was a bit of jocky-ing around for space, but I was still surprised that I was able to end up well above my 5KRP on unfresh legs with a 5:58 average. I’ll take it! It felt good (in a track hurty kinda way) to be doing speedwork again.

In other running new Natalie sent me the 2012 Boston Marathon poster. She had asked me if I picked one up and I said “No, I got one last year and I didn’t even open it yet”. And she said that the poster has all of the particpant names in it, kind of like the Nike Chicago Marathon wall of names in a mural. So of course I pouted that I didn’t pick one up, but as usual Natalie saved the day. She picked up an extra and said she would mail it to me. She always thinking ahead and manages to take care of me with Boston stuff, love her!

The names are printed on both sides of the poster just to fit everyone’s name. Luckily Natalie and I are on the same side so I can hang it in our workout room with both names showing. 🙂

Speaking of Boston Marathon momentos…I FINALLY got around to ordering my 2011 Boston Marathon picture and getting it put into the frame that Rob bought me last year. I love this frame, it’s one of my favorite running keepsakes.

And for those 2012 Boston Marathoners out there adidas has marked gear on sale so I totally stocked up. The prices are too good to pass up. I would look like a running billboard for Boston Marathon if I wear everything I bought together, but I will try to keep it down to 2-3 items per outfit. 😉 I’m sure I’ll get teased for having so much Boston Marathon gear in general, but I like the race, the style, the fit and the price, so oh well!

The women’s short sleeved shirt. Wore it to our track workout and it was perfect, I love that it has a longer length than the race shirt given for the event. The material is also very ventilated, the weave is very light and doesn’t feel heavy or scratchy at all.

Ah the Boston beanie! I needed a new one. In 2011 I picked one up and it was so cold race day I wore it to race in. Then it got warm and had to make the call to ditch it which I hated to do, but I didn’t want to carry it the whole way. Normally in these iffy weather situations I would bring a throw away hat, but I hadn’t packed one. So now I finally have a new one to keep!

I also ordered the tech gloves. I’m interested to see out the outside key holder works out and the touch finger that is supposed to be compatible with touch devices like watches and phones. It would be cool if it works as expected.

And an extra set of capris, always need more of these and the price was too good to pass up.

In other running news I got us registered for Bix7 again this year. I can’t wait to run this race again. Here is last year’s post if you haven’t seen it.

Also, I’m trying to fashion a workout plan to get me through a couple half marathons before Chicago Marathon training kicks off. I really can’t find a plan that fits around our schedule, Team Steam and that feels intense enough to maintain or gain fitness. So that leaves me to try a new experiment. Taking the philosphy of my favorite training guide “Advanced Marathoning” and trying to turn it into some sort of half marathon plan.

I’m basically reducing the volume of the long runs and the med-long runs by 25%. Then I’m adjusting the days of the workouts so that I can get the majority of my long runs completed on Saturdays and get Team Steam Tuesday and Thursdays and fit in races during this 11 week period. I feel like I need a decoder ring just to figure this thing out! I’m not sure if this is the best approach, but it’s worth a shot. I will keep you posted on my thoughts around it.

3 thoughts on “I Need a Decoder Ring

  1. hehe I hope that approach works for you. I run pretty high mileage weeks in comparison to most training plans but it’s whatever works for you. 🙂 I do love that Boston frame as well-how cool!


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