2012 May Recap

Running Total for the Month: 158.4 Miles 22:27:34

Bike Total for the Month: 6.6 Miles 29:46

Strength Total for the Month: 3 Times

My running mileage was essentially the same as last month. This is due to not being able to get in the time to run higher mileage, but I am happy with my consistency for this month. Even if I only was able to get in 3 miles at the end of the day, I have been pretty consistent about running often and that I feel has been helpful.

Technically I did bike and strength train more than last month, but it’s still very low. More improvement to come in that department. Although I am going to unofficially count moving over 175 wood boards for framing our basement from the lumber yard to our garage and then stacked into our basement as strength training too.

Highlights for May include:

Getting the basement project planned and going.

We attended our friend Zach’s wedding, which was beautiful and his family was so nice. Plus we enjoyed the photo booth they had.

Running our friend’s race the Pork Chop 4 Miler

Hope you all had a productive and fun May! We have a lot on our calendar for June so I’m looking forward to more update to come!

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