2012 June Recap

Ah June….from the running department there unfortunately isn’t much to report. Being injured meant shut down for two weeks and then limited running as my Graston’s progress improved.

Running: 81.2 Miles

Strength Training: 8 Sessions (lots of yoga)

Cycling: 13.9 Miles

I’m not cleared to run and have to work on getting fitness back. I feel like a new runner starting over. Last weekend Rob and I both picked up head cold, sinus-muck of some sort and neither of us have been able to shake it. We will be running Park to Park 5 Mile race tomorrow and I know it will be brutal. Stuffy head and dead legs….I will be wishing for death the whole way, but I know I need to get out there and do it. It will be the painful jump start needed to get back into things and to kick off Chicago Marathon training.

While my running mileage has been low, there are still highlights in June.

Rob got 1st in his Age Group in the Galesburg Half Marathon Express!

We have been making progress on our house projects. If you follow me on twitter you’ve seen some pics here and there. I may do a post of the progress at some point since it’s where we’ve been spending our free time lately.

I got to cheer on Rob, Drew, and everyone at Steamboat Classic.

I got to do a little yoga and cycling….it’s a start!

July we will have some more races, after Park to Park tomorrow we will be at RNR Chicago and Bix7, can’t wait!!!

Anyone racing for the 4th?? What distance?? You ready to race, just coming back, or out to have fun??

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