Strange In a Good Way


Friday (6/29):

3 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 20:47, 6:56 Pace)

Saturday (6/30):

5 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 44:46, 8:58 Pace)

Weekly Total:

Run 28 Miles

Bike 7.3 Miles

Sunday (7/1):

5.5 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 41:30, 7:33 Pace)

Monday (7/2):


Tuesday (7/3):


Wednesday (7/4):

5 Mile Race (Park to Park, 39:23, 7:53 Pace, 3rd AG)

Thursday (7/5):

6 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 45:03, 7:31 Pace)

Friday (7/6):

45 Mins Yoga Class

7 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 52:11, 7:28 Pace)

Saturday (7/7):

10 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1:13:51, 7:24 Pace)

Weekly Total:

Run 33.5 Miles

Strengthening 45 Mins

Sunday (7/8):

Bike 10 Miles Easy (Trainer, 43:28, 13.8 mph)

20 Mins Ab Ripper

Slowly, but surely, things are coming together in the running department again. It’s strange to be running and feeling free of pain and issues, but it’s a good kind of strange. 😀

12 weeks to Chicago starts next week, which means ramping up my mileage slowly to prepare for the training plan. I ran 33 miles last week and hope to get to 40s this week so that I can easily transition back to 50s when training starts. If any type of pain creeps in I will just adjust everything down a notch. I also hope to get in a 5K race this coming weekend even though I’m not race ready. I hope the fighting for speed will help wake my legs up. I know I will suffer through the race with no training under my belt, but it’s good to be out there to help me push pace again and get back to it. Here we go!!! 😀

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