2012 Bix 7 Expo

Friday Rob and I left work early to hurry up and pack to get to Drew’s house. We drove up to Davenport, IA to grab our packets for Bix7 that would be the next morning. It’s a small expo with some booths for shopping. We didn’t need anything so we were quickly in and out with our stuff. What’s cool about Bix7 is they have commemorative pins for milestone years of running this race. They start at year 2 so we got our first pin. Our next pin opportunity will be at 5 times running this race.

Have you run a race with a commemorative pin for the  years of running that race? I can’t say I’ve seen this anywhere else yet, but I like the idea!

We ate dinner and walked around the festival that was going on in the downtown area. We found out that Bix even has its own beer brewed for the events occurring that weekend! I’ve only heard of custom beer for an event for the Boston Marathon, from Sam Adams.

Rob gave the Bix beer a try and he said it tasted similar to a New Castle. It wasn’t his favorite, but it was worth a try. Also, another nice race event touch.

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