2012 Danvers Days – 5K – 21:21

Race take away: I’m getting comfortable again with a faster pace, hopefully it continues!

This morning it was really hard to get up. No sleeping in this weekend, we had another 5K to run. We were out the door at 6am to drive to Danvers, IL. The weather was perfect: about 68 degrees, light breeze, and super mild. Rob and I ran the whole course as a warm up to remember it. We didn’t run it last year so we wanted to get familiar with the course. Sounds like they didn’t have the race in 2011 for some reason, so its good that they were able to bring it back.

After chatting up some friends we were off. My plan was to run this race with a bit more effort than yesterday to keep improving my time. This race had some inclines in it unlike yesterday’s race, so I had to put more effort into keeping up with my time. This race had a funny notation on the road before mile 2, it said “Heartbreak Hill”. Who knew I didn’t need to go to Boston Marathon, lol. It was a cute touch and Rob and I made sure to go back after the race to get a picture of it.

I got to mile 2 at 14:00, so just a couple seconds behind yesterday with the inclines. I knew I could improve my time by pressing hard and I felt like it was doable. I came in at 21:21 and was third female overall, 1st in my Age Group. Rob also improved his time with a 19:35 and was 2nd in his Age Group.

They didn’t have the pancakes post-race like previous years. They gave everyone a participant ribbon. It’s nice for the kiddos, but I’m not sure that this will make it to the trophy wall. Well maybe I’ll think of a place….haven’t turned down race recognition yet, why start now?!

We went out for a quick cool down and got a picture of Heartbreak Hill. Love it!

The medals were nice.





6:56 Pace

F: 3/?

F 35-39: 1/?

2010 Danvers Days – 19:50

2009 Danvers Days – 23:29

2008 Danvers Days – 27:20



6 thoughts on “2012 Danvers Days – 5K – 21:21

  1. I love that the temperatures are starting to cool off a bit! Makes running and breathing so much easier. Congrats on two awesome races in one weekend.


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