2012 Flanagan Fest – 5K – 21:41

Race take away: Progressing in the right direction!

Saturday morning it was hard to get up, but we were on the road by 6am to get to Flanagan, IL to run the local 5K. The temperatures were very mild, low 60s and perfect for racing. Rob and I did a warm up to remember the course since running it a few years ago. The course was well-marked, flat and had enough turns to keep it interesting.

My goal was to push my pace, but keep it as even as possible. Another lady passed me in the first mile looking completely relaxed and she just zoomed along like it was nothing. I knew it wasn’t likely to catch her, but I would just try to keep her in my sights so that I could see her at least at each turn. First mile was 6:56, second time was 13:54 and I came across the line at 21:41, which improved my time from last week’s 5K. 5K’s are a hard race cause it’s about pushing the whole time, while managing a pace without blowing up. I’m very happy that I finished this race feeling like I can get faster. I just need to keep chipping away at it again.

I finished in 21:41, 2nd Female Overall, 1st in 35-44 Age Group. Rob was 3rd overall with a 19:50, 1st in 25-34 Age Group.

After the race I hung out for a bit on the park swing while we waited for awards.

I got a couple strange looks from the little kids on the swings nearby. They probably didn’t know what to think of an old lady playing on the playground. 🙂

Our awards were coozies. I think we can put these to good use. 🙂





7:00 Pace

F: 2/?

F 35-44: 1/?

2009 Flanagan Fest 5K – 23:25

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